Saneeswara Temple

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Saneeswara Temples

Sri Thiruvikrama Perumal Temple -Thirukkoviloor,Viluppuram

Ulagalantha Perumal Temple or Trivikrama Temple is Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu located in Tirukkoyilur,Tamil Nadu,India.Constructed in the South Indian style of architecture , the temple is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, the early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD. It is one of the 108 Divya desam dedicated …

Sri Deyva Nayaga Perumal Temple -Thiruvaheendrapuram (Tiruvayindhai), Cuddalore

This Divyadesam is one of the main sthalam in Nadu Naattu Divyadesam. The temple is situated about 5 Kms away from Cuddalore in South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu.Aadhisheshan worshipped Sriman Narayanan in this sthalam. Aadhiseshan brought both the Viraja Theertham (Garuda Nadhi) and Ganga Nadhi together and dedicated those two rivers towards the divine feet …