Saneeswara Temple

Thirunavai Nava Mukundan Perumal Temple, Thirunavai, Kerala.

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This sthalam is located 1 mile faraway from Edakkulam railway station in Kerala. We also can reach this sthalam with the aid of visiting via bus from Shoraanoor to Kuttipuram. This sthalam is a small village and as a result, there’s no masses of staying facility. This sthalam is located on the shore of Bharathappuzhi river that’s found 1 mile faraway from Edakkulam alongside the south route.

The speciality of this sthalam is the thaayar Periya Pirattiyar Lakshmi devi is located in a separate sannadhi and it’s far one of the speciality a few of the Malayala Naatu Divyadesam

The sthala perumal, Naavaay Mugundhan is found in Nindra Thirukkolam alongside shore of Bharathappuzhai river. The speciality of this sthalam is the thaayar Periya Pirattiyar Lakshmi devi is observed in a separate sannadhi and it’s miles one of the speciality among the Malayala Naatu Divyadesam.

Opposite to the Bharathappuzhai river, a separate temple for Lord Shivan and Brahma devan are determined. So, we are able to get the seva of all the Mum Moorthees on this Thiru Naavaay divya desam.

The piratti, Lakshmi devi and Gajendran (the elephant) worshipped the perumal and committed him with the Lotus plant life found within the Lake. But, Lakshmi devi became jealous and angry at the Gajendran since he additionally dedicate the flora to his perumal, who thinks that the perumal is best for him. But, perumal who can recognize all approximately this, wanted to make clear to his spouse, Lakshmi devi that she is incorrect.

Lakshmi devi every day plucked, all the flowers from the pond earlier than its being plucked by using Gajendran, the elephant. Saing the action of Lakshmi piratti, Gajendran felt sand and involved for it. It cried for this and prayed to the perumal. Hearing the voice of Gajendran, the perumal ordered Lakshmi piratti now not to dedicate the vegetation that is plucked from the pond and rather she has to sit down beside him and need to be given the flowers thats being committed with the aid of Gajendran. Accepting the phrases of the perumal, Lakshmi piratti seated at the side of the Naavaay perumal and popular the plants of Gajendran.

By performing this Leelai (movement of the perumal), the perumal explains that each one the aathmaas in the world should be looked after. And on the same time, if anybody doesnt deliver admire (or) interferes at the bhakti determination towards him, they should be teached with a lesson and thereby making them to understand their fault. Like this identical manner handiest, the perumal gives the honour for the bhakti of Gajendran and on the equal time he teaches a lesson for Lakshmi Piratti by means of making her to accept the bhakti of Gajendran.

In this sthalam, the perumal Naavaay perumal is handled because the fater, Lakshmi piratti as mom and Gajendran is treated as their son. Thus, this sthalam explains the relationship between the perumal (father) and Lakshmi (mother) and among the perumal (father) and Gajendran (son).

Since, the thaayar, Lakshmi piratti doesnt need Gajendran to commit the Lotus plant life (Malar), the thaayar is named as “Malar Mangai Naachiyaar”.

This sthala perumal also gave prathyaksham for Nava yogi. The Nava yogis are Sathuvanathar, Saaloga nathar, Aadhinathar, Arulithanathar, Madhanga Nathar, Macchendira Nathar, Kadayanthira Nathar, Korakkanathar and Kukkudanathar. They are so great and are capable of doing plenty of Yaagams. Since, because of this, this sthalam is also called as “Thirunavayogi”. And because the time surpassed, the name Thirunavayogi is changed to “Thirunaavaay”.

Since, the perumal is likewise observed with Lord Shivan, this sthalam is stated to equal with Kasi.
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Naavaay Mugundhan. Also named as “Narayanan”. Moolavar is observed in Nindra Thirukkolam going through his Thirumugham toward East route. Prathyaksham for Lakshmi, Gajendran and Navayogis.

The Thaayar of this temple is Malar Mangai Naachiyaar. She is also named as “Sirudevi”. The pushkarani is known as as “Sengamala Saras”. Since the pushkarani is located full of Senthaamarai (Lotus), it is named so. Vimanam: Veda vimaanam. Since, the sthala perumal is worshipped through Nava yogis and they ae said to wonderful of their Vedic Knowledge, the vimaanam is named as “Veda Vimaanam”.

This temple is positioned in Thiru Naavaay. The name of the God Vishnu right here is Naavaay Mugundha Perumal (Nindra Thirukkolam – Standing posture) facing east path and Goddess Malar Mangai Nachiyar, also called Sridevi.
The legend says that Goddess Lakshmi and Gajendra, the king of all elephants, worshiped Lord Vishnu at this place with holy lotus plant life which blossoms from a lake close by. As they both dedicated with lotus flower from the equal lake, the lotus plant life got diminishing. So Gajendra requested Lord Vishnu that Gajendra desired to worship Him with lotus flowers without any dismay. As a result, Lord Vishnu took Lakshmi by His aspect on His throne.

And blessed Gajendra that Gajendra can worship Him with Lotus flowers without any anxiety.
Vaikunda Ekadasi – December/January, Annual Brahmotsavam – April, Krishna Jeyanthi – August/September , Navaratri – September/October

As is the case in Kashi, many people in Italam pay homage to their ancestors. In the state of Kerala, Ithalam plays a leading role in giving Pitru Darbhanam.
They marry Perumal and worship him in a robe

From Palakkad (100 km) go to Pattambi and from there get off at Kuttipuram and take an auto to Thirunavai.
Things will be fruitful if those who are not able to enjoy the full benefits of sacrificing anywhere else, and who for various reasons are not able to perform pooja, anointing or other handicrafts regularly for Tirumala, come here once and perform the formal omam. Get a vision of God who will gather marriages, get rid of hardships and diseases.

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