Saneeswara Temple

Thiru Neeragathaan Perumal Temple, Sri Jagadeeswarar Temple, – Thiru Neeragam,Kanchipuram.

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Thiru Neeragan, is one of the 108 divya desam temples situated in Kanchipuram. This temple is within the Thiru Ooragam (Ulgalantha Perumal) temple. The legend behind this divya desam is that Neer, the water is the number one and essential element and elixir of all of the existence on the earth.E. To give an explanation for this, Sri Narayanan is giving his seva as “Jagadeswar Perumal”. The Perumal is likewise known as as “Thiru Neeragathan”. It symbolises that aswater rushes toward the place in which there is a small commencing or hollow, likewise, Lord flows into the hearts of the bhaktas and and fill their soul with bhakthi.
Moolavar is called Thiru Neeragathan, or Jagadeeshwarar in a status posture going through the east. Thaayar of the temple is Nilamangai valli. The temple is revered through the verses of Tirumangai Alvar. There are 3 other divya desams in the temple – they’re Thirukkarvaanam , Thirukaaragam , Thiru Ooragam.

Neer, the water is the number one and necessary element for all the matters on this global to continue to exist. To give an explanation for this, the Perumal is giving his seva as “Jagadeswar Perumal”. The Perumal is likewise referred to as as “Thiru Neeragathan” observed together with “Nilamangai valli Thaayar”.

All the water rushes closer to the place wherein there is a small groove or hollow. Like the equal manner, Emperumaan flows into the hearts of bhaktas and and fill their soul with bhakthi.

Neer, the water is said to be cool in nature. Like wise, Emperumaan offers the coolest benefits to his devotees.

All residing matters want water to stay and at the same time, the body is likewise purified by way of water. By explaining this, he tells both the Aathma and the human body to get purified and attain the Moksha, we need his help and the assist.

Even if a small hole is observed inside the boat, the water will drift in. Like wise, if even the small stage of bhakti is found inside the hearts of his bhaktas he’s going to circulate us. But on the same time, if we doesnt suppose and pray to him, he’s going to exit as the water which comes out of the small hole discovered inside the vessel.

The water flows towards all of the areas. It doesnt bear in mind any raised lands or the decreased areas to go with the flow. Likewise, infront of Sriman Narayanan, all are one and there is no better than the alternative.
Pushkarani: Akroora Theertham. Vimanam: Jagadeeshwara Vimanam.

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