Saneeswara Temple

Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple-Tiruvallore, Chennai.

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Tiruvallur Veeragavaperumal Temple is one of the 108 Vaishnava temples. The temple is located in Tiruvallur near Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Sage Salihotra, who was born as a result of the sacrifice of Sage Puru, used to perform penance here. After creating a daily guest, Salihotra, the eater, came in the form of an old man as the guest of the sage Salihotra and received food. The sage showed his ashram by asking the sage where he would lie down after eating the sage’s share of the hunger claiming that he was not hungry. Slept there profusely. Asked “where to sleep”, Perumal changed his name from “Evulloor” to “Evulloor”.

Sridevi’s mother is said to have married Perumal’s mother who went hunting under the name of Veeranarayanan to live as a girl for Maharaja Dilipa under the name of Vasumathi.

After that the name of Perumal was changed and till then the name Kingruhesan was the main nickname for Perumal.

Sage Salihotra spent 1 year in penance in the sacred pool near the temple. Gave. The sage fasted throughout the day and repented the next day after 1 year. After resuming the petition 1 year later, as expected, the same old man came and asked for flour, and the sage gave it to the sage. The Lord, who came in the form of a Brahmin again, appeared in the Sayan Kolam. Itala history says that the Lord arose here in the same way to ask the devotees who came here to say “Ask for blessings” to fulfill their problems.

The most important divine land in the throat region. Ithalattu pool (theertham) is more sacred than the Ganges. Bathing in this pool will remove even the sins that the mind thinks. A special revision of the six pujas that are still going on today. Ithalam is mentioned in the Markandeya Purana. Only anoint the source with sandalwood ointment. Perumal is about 15 feet 5 feet tall. Lakshmi Narasimhar and Chakradharwar shrines are very special in this place. Very old site. The temple was built during the Pallava period.
Only anoint the source with sandalwood ointment. The Hiruthapathani Theertham of Italam is more sacred than the Ganges. Bathing in this pool will remove even the sins that the mind thinks. This is the 60th Divya Desam out of the 108 Divya Desams that received the Mangalasasana of Perumal.

Prom – Month – Thousands of devotees gather at the temple for 10 days. Thousands of devotees attend the festival for 10 days on the prom – Chithirai month. Pavithra Utsavam – 7 days festival – Apart from this, the festival attracts a large number of devotees.

Physician – Physiotherapist. If you come after 3 menstrual periods and pray to Perumal, incurable diseases, especially abdominal pain, limb disease, fever can be cured. Apart from getting married the child can be blessed and the difficulties can be prayed to Ithalattu Perumala to amass coastal wealth.

You can buy bubbly dupatti (top dress – coat) and pay for Perumal. This coat is not available anywhere outside. This robe is available at the temple office. Its price is Rs.300. This loan is very special in this place.

Making figurines (silver, gold). Apart from anointing Perumal, worship, healing and offerings can be distributed to the devotees. Making 9 kaja silk sarees for the mother is also considered as a major delicacy.

Devotees dissolve milk and jaggery in the Ithalat pool to get rid of warts and lumps in the body. Salt and pepper are offered in the temple hall.

The temple is said by the devotees to be the healing ground of Tirukulam and the great warrior of Perumal.

Source: Evulkidantan (Player Perumal, Kingruhasan, Evudkitantan, Medical Player)
Ursavar: A medical player
Mother / Mother: Mother of Kanaka Vallith (Vasumathi)
Theertham: Hruttabhapa Nasini
Dedication: Salihotra Sage, (Madhu, Kaidapan)
Aakamam / Pooja: Pancharatram
Antiquity: 1000-2000 years ago
Name: Tiruvallur Veeragavaperumal Temple
Mythological name: Thiru Evul, Evul, Kingiruharapuram, Evvallur, Vicharanya Temple, Punyavartha Temple
Town: Tiruvallur
The plane here is Vijayakodi. Forest: Visharanyam.

The lord of this temple is also known as the “Medical Warrior”. People get infected with small metal plate in the hope that the player will cure incurable diseases

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