Saneeswara Temple

Sri Varadharajar Temple -Thiru Kacchi (Kanchipuram)

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Varadharaja Perumal Temple or Hastagiri or Attiyuran is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu positioned in the holy town of Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu India. It is one of the Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu believed to had been visited with the aid of the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.

Moolavar: Sri Varadharajar.
Thaayar: Perundevi Thaayar.
Pushkarani: Vegavadhi Nadhi,Anantha Saras, Sesha, Varaga, Padma, Agni, Kusala, Brahma Theertham.
Vimanam: Punyakoti Vimanam.
Location: Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu.

First the Perumal gave his seva in the form of Theertham, Which is now called as “Pushkaram”. Next he gave the seva in the form of Forest, which in now called as “Naimisaranyam”. But still, Lord Brahma was not satisfied. At that time, he heard an Asarari (an unknown voice from heaven) which said that to get the dharshan of Sri Varadharajar, he must do the great Ashwametha yagam (Sathya viradam) for hundred times. But, Lord Brahma felt so depressed that doesnt have time nor the patience to perform 100 Ashwametha yagam. Finally as per Sriman Narayanan, he performed one Ashwametha yagam which is equivalent to 100 Ashwametha yagam. It is said that doing one Ashwametha yagam in Kanchipuram is equivalent to 100 times of doing Ashwametha yagam somewhere else.

Brahma devan started the yagam and from the fire of the yagam, Sri Varadharajar came out and gave his dharshan in which way Lord Brahma wanted.

“Ka” – means Brahma and “Anjitham” – means who was worshipped. Since, Brahma worshipped Emperumaan as Varadharajar, this sthalam is called “Kanchi”. The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi which is also Known as “Chinna (or) Little Kanchipuram” and in the Big (or) Shiva Kanchipuram, all Shiva temples are found.

Sri Varadharajar Temple – KanchipuramAyodhya’s King Sakaranis, son Asamanjan and his wife as a result of Sabham, they were changed to Lizards and as a result of worshipping Kanchi Varadharajar as said by Ubamanyu, they two got their original positions. Both these two lizards can be seen in this sthalam in a small sannadhi. It is said on touching this lizards, all kinds of problems and diseases are cured. Still now all the bhaktas come to this temple and worship this lizards to get their problems cured.

It is said that the Narasimhar Sannadhi is first sannadhi to be built.
The theertham of this sthalam is “Sesha theertham” and is found along the north side of Nootrukkal Mandapam (100 pillared Mandapam). All along this theertham, Aadhiseshan did tapas.

When Udayavar Ramanujar lived in Kanchipuram, he worshipped and did Thirumanjanam (the divine bath for the Perumal) and for this, he used to get the water from the well which is 2 miles aawy. He was awarded with the name as “Ethiraja Maamuni” by Sri Varadharaja Perumal itself, when he became the Saint.

When talking about Udayavar Ramanujar, his student and followers Koorathalwar’s Guru bakthi (respecting and doing the needful for his teacher (or)Guru) has to be explained.

Sri Varadharajar – UtsavarOnce in the Chozha empire, Nallooran, who was one of the member in that empire, was against Vaishnavam and because of this, ordered to pluck off Sri Ramanujar’s eyes. But, Koorathalwar for his Guru, asked that his eyes can be taken off and not his Guru’s eyes. Then he sung a great devotional poem named “Sri Varadharaja Sthavam” on Sri Kanchi Varadharajar in his sannadhi. At that time, Sri Varadharajar gave his seva and asked him what he wants. But, Koorathalwan said that he doesnt need Oonakkan (Ordinary human eyes) instead, he need the Gnanakkan (Eyes which has a broader vision of good thought) so that he can be able to spread Vaishnavam. This is one of the said story when talking about the sthalapuranam.

When talking about Kanchi Varadhar, the Garuda seva which is one of the special vaghanam during Brahmotsavam in vaikasi month.

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