Saneeswara Temple

Sri Vaitha Maanitha Perumal Temple – Thirukkoloor ,Tirunelveli.

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Sri Vaithamanidhi Permual Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi.nine Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Tiruchendur-Tirunelveli route, in the southern bank of Thamiraparani river.Thirukkolur is located at a distance of 4 km from Alwarthirunagari.This is the eighth temple of Nava thirupathi and is for mars (Sevvai). It is also called as Kuberasthalam. All these 9 temples are classified as “Divya Desams”, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.

This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli district near Azhwar Tirunagari. Two miles away from Azhwar Tirunagari. No lodging facilities available. This sthalam is one of Nava Thirupathi.

Sthlapuranam :

One of the Brahmaputiran, who came out of Lord Brahma’s ears – named Pulathiya Rishi and Kasthamal’s daughter Aavirpoo gave birth a child named Visiravasi. The child who born for this Visiravasi and Ilipillai is Guberan.

Guberan did tapas agains Lord Shiva. When Shiva and Parvathi gave his seva to Guberan, since he could not see the bright shine came out from Parasakthi, guberan lost his eyes. After this, he replaced an eye made of gold and ruled Alagapuri and became one of the friends of Lord Shiva.

Vaisyantham which is said as always move from one place to another in search of money and other things and this kind of persons one called “Vaisyaas”.

Guberan is said to be one of Vaisyaas and his wife is chitiregai and his Vaaganams (vehicles) are Horse, Parrot. His weapon is Katkam and Garland is Seerakka Maalai. His park is Saithiratham and the Vimaanam is Pushpaka Vimaanam. His son is Nalakooparan.

Once he got the Sapan from Parvathi Devi and lost all of his wealth (Navanidhi) and started to worship this sthala perumal as his Emperumaan.

Emperumaan gave the Prathyaksham for Guberan in front of all of the Navanidhis (Different Kinds of Wealth) and Protecting the Navanidhis of this sthalam. Because of this, he his named as “Vaithamaanidhi”. Also named as “Nishopavithan”.

This sthalam is also called as “Adharma Pisunam”. It means Dharman wars agians the Evil (Adharmam) and it permanently stayed in this sthalam by riding out the adharmam.

Vaithamanidhi perumal stands still here in this sthalam to ride of the Adharmam to protect the wealth which cannot be taken out.

This perumal has thirusangu in the left hand and in the right hand he has thiru Chakkaram by which he destroy the Adharma. In this sthalam only, Madhurakavi alwar was born, Who then because the seshya (student) ofNammalwar. Madhurakavi Alwar is said to be the Gnana Nidhi.

This sthala perumal gave prathyaksha for Guberan, who is the wealth, Madhurakavi Alwar, who is the Gnana nidhi.

The Pushkarani is Gubera pushkarani and since he became the friend of Haran (Lord Shiva) the Vimaanam is called “Sri Hara Vimaanam”.

The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Sri Vaitha Maanitha Perumal. Also called as “Nishopavitthan”. Moolavar in Kidantha kolam in Bujanga sayanam facing East direction. Prathyaksham for Guberan and Madhurakavi Alwar. Thaayar : Two thaayars – Amudhavalli and Koloorvalli and they have their own separate sannadhis. Pushkarani: Gubera pushkarani Vimanam: Sri Hara Vimaanam.

It is the eighth Tirupati of the Navatirupatis, the fifty-seventh of the one hundred and eight Divya Desas and the Mars of the Navagrahas. It is also special to come and worship at this shrine to excel in wealth and regain lost wealth. It is only in this revision after Adanur that the school has a Perumal wooden stick (a wooden vessel used to measure paddy) on the head.
Kuberan is said in the history of the head to be the day when Paramahansa regained his lost wealth, and the month of Masi is Suklapatsam on the day of Waxing Dhuvatsi. Those who want to get rich and those who want to get back the wealth they lost, come to Italam on that day and worship Perumala.

Navagraha Doshas are praying for you here.
When the prayer is over, they put on a robe and pay homage to Perumal.

Alwar is located on the Tirunelveli-Thiruchendur Highway, three kilometers from Thirunagari. Transportation is available from Tirunelveli and Thiruchendur.

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