Saneeswara Temple

Sri Tiruvelukkai Sri Azhagiya SingaPerumal Temple , Kanchipuram.

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Thiruvelukkai is one of the 108 Vaishnava revisions made by Mangalasasana by the Alvars. This is the 47th Divya Desam out of the 108 Divya Desams which received the Mangalasasana of Perumal.
The word sword means desire. Narasimhar, one of the incarnations of Tirumala, has become known as Velirukkai over time as he wanted to stay in this place. It is also known as the Kamatsika Narasimha Sanctuary.
When Thirumal incarnated Narasimha, he departed from the cave called Asthisilam and when he emerged from the pillar of the palace, he came to this place to chase away the monsters who came to attack him in another Narasimha form. Frightened by this, he fled to a place where he could not see the monsters, so he thought that this was the right place to resist the monsters, and he wanted to stay here in the beauty of the place. This is where Yoga Narasimharagi sat. He is currently posing as Narasimhan with a yoga posture on a west-facing pedestal

At this place, the Lord is seated on the west side with the Yoga seal, with the names of the beautiful Singer, Narasimhar, Al Ari and Mukunda Man. Goddess Velukkai Valli, Amrutha Valli and Tanik Kovil are known as Nachiyar. Italat Theertham Kanaka Saras and Hema Saras. The aircraft is based on a system called the Kanaka aircraft.
A wish for Sage Brighu for many days. Thirumal, who appeared with a natural form, wondered how he would have been when Narasimha incarnated. He was penitent at this daslat that he should show this scene only to himself. Legend has it that at the request of Sage Brighu, Perumal appeared as Narasimha Murthy under the Kanaka Vimana.
Everyday we die in fear for people who have nothing to do with something. People who are trembling with fear of not being able to do anything, who are suffering from nightmares, who are being harassed by thugs, thugs, illiterate students who think that their future life will be in vain if they make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, will have their vision of Narasimha here. The Lord will change for the better and the fear of the mind will go away immediately.

Source: Mukunda Man, Beautiful Singer
Mother / Mother: Velukkai Valli
Theertham: Kanaka Saras, Hemasaras
Antiquity: 500-1000 years ago
Mythical name: Thiruvelukkai, Velukkai
Town: Kanchipuram.
Perumal Sannathi is the only place that can give us peace of mind and courage. It is true that the Perumal Temple is the basic reason for throwing it all away and standing universally no matter what the problems are. Just as everyone has their favorite place, so does Perumal’s favorite place. Thiruvelukkai is a place where Perumale likes to sit.

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