Saneeswara Temple

Sri Thothatrinatha Perumal Temple – Thiruccherivaramangai (Vaanamaamalai) ,Tirunelveli.

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This sthalam is in Tirunelveli locale close Thirukkurungudi. We need to get down in Naanguneri when going from Tirunelveli to Thirukkurungudi. Transport and housing offices are accessible.

Sthlapuranam :

This sthalam is additionally named as Naanguneri, Seeravaramangai and Vaanama malai. Since there are 4 major Lakes in this sthalam, this sthalam is named as “Naangu Neri”. (Naangu implies four). However, at present just one is found. This sthalam is one of the Ashta (eight) suyambhu (Which develops (or)develops all alone) sthalams. Other seven sthalams are Badri Narayanam, Mukthi Narayanam, Naimisaranyam, Pushkaram, Tiruvenkadam, Sri Mushnam and Thiru Varaagam.

It is said that the Moolasthanam was inundated in to the lake water. Regardless of whether the lake is overwhelmed with water, there will associate with 2 feet high of water around the Garbhagriham (Moolasthanam).

Inside this sthalam an oil well of 25 feet tallness and 15 feet width. The well doesnt have water however has a rich oil, which concentrates oil rather than water. The oil which is found in the well is said to have the therapeutic qualities and said that it fixes numerous infections. Day by day, the Emperumaan of this sthalam is done the thirumanjanam utilizing 6 padis (1 padi= around 1/2 Kgs) of Gingely oil and Sandal wood oil. After the thirumanjanam is finished, the oils are filled the well itself .

On the off chance that any bhaktaas need some measure of oil the well, they should give a similar measure of gingely oil to the devastanam and it is filled the well and given the therapeutic oil.

To get the Aathma Gnanam, Aathma Arul (gift) and Aathma Bhakthi, the permanant soul (or) Aathma which dwell on the brief body ought to be perfect and sanitized. Having this as cleared just, we get accomplish every single other thing. Out body, speach and movement ought to be spotless. Mature age is the alert for the demise and it is the last activity for the liberated from our spirit. Till the spirit is in our body, it ought to be with no damage and diseses and ought to be perfect. To clarify this, the Emperumaan of this sthalam gives his seva and furthermore gives the oil which fixes numerous ailments.

So bhaktaas who love this sthalam can get the dharshan of the Emperumaan and furthermore the treatable oil.

This sthala perumal gave his prathyaksham to Indiran, Romasa Maharishi, Brighu Muni and Maarkandeya Maharishi. He gave his sev to these four incredible aathmas as “Aadhi Maruthuvan” (Maruthuvan implies specialist). The people who has the infections are given the treatment by confronting him towards East – west heading. As a similar way, the perumal Thothatri Naathan gives his seva confronting his thirumugam towards the east bearing.

It is said that a lord who had a place with Sindhu domain got the sabham from Romasa Maharishi to become like a canine. In the wake of turning into the canine, the lord resulted in these present circumstances sthalam and scrubbed down in the sthala pushkarani to escape the Sabham.

On the passageway of the Temple is the Pandhal Mandapam and at the edge, we can discover large mandapams where Golden Chariot and Golden Chapparam (another sort of perumal’s Vaaganam) are kept. These are taken out during the utsavam done in Panguni Uthiram. On the north side, we can discover the Vaanamamalai Jeeyar Madam.

When going into the primary sanctuary, we can discover Sevvanthi Mandapam which is worked by Sevvanthi Naayakar. In this mandapam just, the utsavar gives his seva during utsava times. On the left half of this mandapam, we can discover Veerappa Naayakkar mandapam, in which all the columns are delightfully designed with various shapes. When going through this mandapam, sannadhis for Lakshmi Narayanan, Lakshmi Varagar, Venugopalan and Dasavatharam are found.

In the wake of intersection the Kodi maram, we can discover Kulasekaran mandapam. Here vadakku Naachiyaar, Therku Naachiyaar, Manavala Maamunigal, Udayavar, pillai ulaga Asiriyar and aside from Nammalwar, all the Alwars are found in independent sannadhis. Nammalwar is found as “Sadagopar” in “Sadaari” (this is kept on our head in Vishnu sanctuaries) as “Sadagopar Sadaari” in Utsavar sannadhi. Additionally, separate sannadhis for Sri Ramar, Sri Kannan, Chakaratalwar are found.

In the wake of the intersection all these, we can reach towards the fundamental moolavar sannadhi and can discover Thothatri Nathan in Veetrirundha thirukkolam and inverse to him is the Garudalwar is found.

Moolavar is found alongside two pirattiyaars in veetrirundha kolam and Rambhai, Thilothamai who are known as the “Deva loga ladies” serve the Perumal, Brighu Maharishi, Maarkandeya Maharishi, Chandra – Soorya, Vishwakshenar are found. The Aadhiseshan, fill in as the Umbrella for Thothatri Nathan, he is giving his Seva to the bhakthas.

Utsavar Deiva Nayagan is found alongside this pirattiyaars, Srivaramangai thaayar and Andal by having Maga Kandigai (which is supposed to be the most valuable and valuble decoration of the perumal) in extremely large peetam is found.

This sthalam is likewise called as “Vaanama malai” on the grounds that a pandiya lord wedded a Cheran little girl and he got the name as “Vaanavan”. Since, he constructed this sanctuary, this sthalam is called as “Vaanama malai”. It is one of the said story regarding this sthalam.
An oil well is there, which said to fix a wide range of incurable ailments.

The Moolavar of this sanctuary is Sri Kothagirinathan additionally named as Vaanamamalai. Prathyaksham for Brahmadevan, Indiran, Ramasa Rishi, Brighu Rishi, Maarkandeya Rishi. Moolavar in Veetrirundha Kolam confronting East heading.

The Thaayar of this sanctuary is Sirivaramangai Naachiyaar – Periya piratti, Bhoomi piratti and Neela devi are the three Naachiyaars of this sthalam. Periya piratti and Bhoomi piratti are the two naachiyaars who is found alongside the Moolavar and they have their own sannadhis.

The Utsavar of this sanctuary is Sri Deiva Naayaga Perumal.

Pushkarani: Indira theertham, Setru thaamarai theertham. Since this pushkarani is without water and discovered just oil and mud and dirt, the pushkarani is designated “Setry thaamarai theertham”. Also, since Indiran scrubbed down in this to escape the illnesses, the Pushkarani is called Indira theertham.

Vimanam: Nanda Varthana Vimaanam.

Inside the temple is an oil well 25 feet deep and 15 feet wide. Every day, Moolavar Perumal in Italam mixes sixty drops of good oil and sandalwood oil and marries for salvation. Then add the oil to the open oil well. This oil has the power to cure all diseases. It is also a serotonergic remedy. Devotees come here to cure their ailments by consuming a small amount of this oil. Agathiyar also mentions this oil in his book. Verses 57,58 of the Padma Purana indicate this.

It is said that the town got its name ‘Tiruchirivaramangai’ because she married Thottathiri Nathara, who was frozen in the place with the name ‘Sri Varamangai’.

Due to the fact that there were four lakes around the place, it got the name ‘Nanku Lake’ and later became ‘Nanguneri’.

From the penitentiary at the title of Addiction, Emperuman received the privilege of being Mr. Dam. According to history, the sage Uromasa received the vision of Ithalattu Perumal from Tawam. Ithalam is also known as ‘Thottathri Temple’ in Tamil as it is called ‘Thottathri’ in the northern language. It is also known as ‘Vanamamalai’ due to its location surrounded by mountains and forests.

“Nanguneri” Thottathiri Nath is proud to have the ability to cure chronic diseases like leprosy, leprosy, rheumatism, arthritis and chronic diseases.

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