Saneeswara Temple

Sri Thiruvikrama Perumal Temple -Thirukkoviloor,Viluppuram

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Ulagalantha Perumal Temple or Trivikrama Temple is Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu located in Tirukkoyilur,Tamil Nadu,India.Constructed in the South Indian style of architecture , the temple is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, the early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD. It is one of the 108 Divya desam dedicated to Vishnu, who is worshipped as Ulagalantha Perumal and his consort Lakshmi as Poongothai.
This is the 54th Divya Desam out of the 108 Divya Desams that received the Mangalasasana of Perumal. It is interesting to note that the Universal Perumal at Italam is seated on the right leg with the left leg raised. The Anjaneyar in front of the temple blesses with a conch in hand and a wheel with a square.
Ithalam Mangalasasana was written by Thirumangaiyal with the name of Ithalattu Perumal as “Karvanathullai Kalva”. Ithalam is unique in that it has both Tirunelveli and Thirukkarakam, which are located within the Universal Perumal Temple. Thirumangaiyalvar, who wrote the Mangalasasana only on the divine land as “Neerakattai” and “Karakattai”, only added the name of Perumal to the Mangalasasana when performing the Mangalasasana. When Thirungaiyalwar arose here to perform the Mangalasasana, did these three places in the temple, Tiruniragam and Thirukkaragam, come with ‘Thiruurakam’? Or did Mangalasasana preach these divine lands in different places? Or could not find out under what circumstances these three divine nations came here.

Vishnu intended to subdue the arrogance of the hill king Mahabali. He came to attend the sacrifice he conducted. Three feet of land begged. The victim also agreed. Then he ascended as the idol of Trivikrama and measured the soil with one foot and the sky with another and placed the third foot on the head of Mahabali. He reached the underworld. He regretted not being able to see the vision of Perumal who had come to buy the donation and meditated there. In accordance with his meditation, he stood tall in the Kanchipuram Satya Virat Kshetram. That is the universal Perumal temple called Uragam.

Based on the miracle: It is known as Thirukarvanam among the 108 Tirupatis of Perumal.
Here the source is shown on the north-facing trunk. The plane above the Moolavar Sanctuary is called Pushkala Vimanam. Parvati has a vision of Lord Itala.

Universal Perumal: Universal Perumal is blessed with a western face in the sanctum sanctorum. Where is one more foot of land with two fingers on the left and one finger on the right? Asks. He is also known as Thiruvikraman. Amuthavalli Nachiyar is Tirunam to the mother.

Four Divine Lands: Of the 22 Divine Lands around Kanchipuram (Thondai Nadu sites), this place is known as Kachchi Uragam. Kachchi means Kanchipuram. The four divine nations, Uragam, Neeragam, Karagam and Karvanam, are within this one temple. That is, four of the 108 Divinities can be visited within this one temple. It is not possible to trace from which part of the throat region these Divya Desha Perumals came. Itala Perumals, which are located in different places, are said to have come here at some point in time. Karunakara Perumal and Padmamani Nachiyar are in Karakam. Karvanap Perumal with Kamalavalli Nachiyar in Karvanam.

Perakam Uragattan: Mahabali, who was an ordinary man, could not fully see the long line of the universal Perumal. Perumalum manamirangi, very simply appeared on the addiction. This place is called Barakam. Here Perumal is in the form of a snake. Uragattan is his transcendence. Fertilizer means snake. Over the years, Maruvi has become known as the countryside. It is said that if he gets married and worships Thirukkannamudu, he will have a son.

Cone Wheel Anjaneyar: The Anjaneyar junction opposite the Universal Perumal is special. Carrying the conical wheel, he blesses with four arms. Anjali shakes hands with both hands bowing to Perumala. Star by the way, Saturday worship is going better. Worshiping Him will increase courage.

Thiruvonam: Special pujas are held at this temple on the occasion of Thiruvonam. Thirupavai sacrament at 4 am, marriage (anointing) at 5 pm, Perumal at 6 pm, Mother Veediula takes place. It is said that those who watch this show will reach the highest level.

Arrogance is worshiped by you. After completing the prayers, they get married to Perumal here and worship the new Vasti Saathi.

Source: Karvanaperumal, Kalvar Perumal
Mother / Mother: Kamalavalli Nachiyar
Theertham: Gauri Theertham
Mythical name: Thirukarvanam
Town: Thirukarvanam
Contact:Archagar (S.kannan – 9994883584)

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