Saneeswara Temple

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple-Tirumalai,Tirupathi.

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Ten of the 12 Alwars have sung of or mentioned Tiruvenkatam in a total of 202 verses, of the Naalayira Divya Prabandam. Clearly, Tirupati is the most visited of temples/pilgrimage sites in India; Millions of pilgrims visit Tirupati throughout the year. Tirupati is one of the two Divya Desams in Andhra Pradesh

Sthala Puranam:

Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanan is found as “Eazhumalayaan ” stands on this temple all by himself in Nindra thirukkolam and is giving the seva to plenty and masses of Bhaktas. After the world has been created, Trethayugham, Dwaparayugam and Krita Yuga all went and in these kinds of yugam, as stated by means of Sriman Narayanan in Mahabharatham, he took Avatar in some form to set up Dharma and fought and destroyed “Adharmam” or evil.

After a majority of these Yugas completed, Kali yuga commenced from them all styles of Evil things started to spread along for the duration of the world. Great Emperors lost their Empire and plenty of Yogis and rishis had been killed and their better halves had been captured by using Arakkas (Demon). At that Kaliyugam, a wild demon with the aid of named “kali ” emerged in this yugam who made the earth lose its splendor and unfold various evil components in the midst of the human minds.

In Kaliyugam, people who have cash and frame electricity are respected and all the good things like human relationship, guru and his students’ relation, dishonest others for money and plenty of sinful motion had been carried out.

Lord Brahma became so scared on seeing the Earth in this manner. Finally he idea, the proper individual to remedy this is Sriman Narayanan and if his divine thiruvadi (ft) is touched on the lands of earth, it might regain its misplaced beauty and if atleast a drop of his blood is shed on this planet, the earth come to be natural and thereby all evil matters may diminish. He said this to Narada Maharshi and he must take this.

All the Maharishis had a meeting that a totally big Yagam should be done and what sort of amount credit should take delivery of to which god? Naradar told that it should receive one some of the three moorthies who stand because of the structure of Dharma and Sathyam and he need to be able to withstanding all varieties of Adharmams. Finally, he ends by announcing that Brighu Maharishi is the proper character who can try this in locating among the 3 Moorthies who’s man or woman with the stated Characters.

First, he went directly to Siva logam wherein Lord Shiva and Parasakthi are observed close to each other. It is one of the Universal truths that the union of Shivan and Sakthi is said to be the way made for the Dharmam to come back all its manner. But, due to the fact Brighu Maharishi was so indignant that his presence turned into not being noticed, and gave him the Sabham that on earth, Lord Shiva could be executed pooja simplest inside the shape of Lingam but no longer in the form of Statues (or) Vigrahams (Idols). This is the only reason that Shiva Lingams are determined in all Shiva temples but not Idols,

After this, Brighu Maharishi went to Brahma devan’s Sathya logam. There also he was not greeted well no longer he became no longer observed. It changed into him, Brahma devan who asked Narada Maharshi for this to show up however it’s Miles’ destiny that all this must take place. After being now not observed by using Brahma and Saraswathi, Brighu Maharishi got irritated on him and like the equal way, as he gave Sabham for Shivan, he gave Brahma devan a sabham that there ought to be no temple for Brahma within the Boologam and after this he went immediately to Vaikundam.

After stepping into Vaikundam, he noticed Sriman Narayanan drowsing in Adhiseshan. He couldn’t be so calm on account that he turned into now not greeted and taken care nicely through Brahma devan and as a result he had given them the Sabham.

As a result, he burst out like Volcano and went immediately towards Sriman Narayanan and kicked him on his Thirumaarbhu (divine chest). After being kicked, Sriman Narayanan woke up and requested Brighu Maharishi to sit down and do Padha pooja for him. Brighu Maharishi is someone who has an eye fixed on his feet. Because of this he was so angry and the perumal plucked the attention from his feet and as a result he lost all of his anger and ultimately thought that all of the Yoga credit needed to take delivery of to Sriman Narayanan and got here to the Yoga area.

As we can word, it changed into Brahma devan who commenced the process of finding to whom the yaga credit score should accept however subsequently he changed into given the sabham that he have to no longer be worshiped in the earth. It’s all a written one and it is destiny that those are the matters that should appear.

But, as Brighu Maharishi kicked the thirumaarbhu (divine chest) of Sriman Narayanan, Lakshmi piratti left him from Sri Vaikundam and came towards the earth. Because of this, Sri Vaikundam, the Moksham misplaced its grace and brightness and all of these are said to be only due to Kaliyugam.

After being by myself in Vaikundam, Sri Vishnu couldn’t be in Vaikundam and got here in the direction of the Bhoologam searching for Sri Mahalakshmi. Aadhiseshan became the mountain of Tirumala and the perumal roamed all alongside the earth without understanding what to do. He forgot all of his responsibilities and he misplaced his conscience and sat like a person without having food, water and something else.

On seeing this, Brahma devan and Shivaperuman got down closer to the Boologam as a cow and calf and had been ultimately passed over in the direction of the Chozha king.

Tirumala – Sri Venkadamudayan alongside Naachiyaar Once a cowherd person took the cow and the calf for making them devour. But in the land, the cow (Brahma devan) and the calf (Shiva peruman) went towards the putru (a small mountain surrounded by sand), where Sri Vishnu turned into. The cow and the calf went toward the putru and gave Sriman Narayanan the milk. This occurred each day. But the cowherd couldn’t understand why this specific cow is not giving milk while the other do. So, ultimately he made up his mind that he has to follow the cow and the calf and what’s the motive for no longer giving milk.

The subsequent day he took all of the cows for the grass to the plains but his eyes changed into watching only the cow (Brahma) that’s no longer giving milk each day. As a every day exercise, the spiritual cow went towards the Putru and gave all of the milk interior it, where Sriman Narayanan is determined.

On seeing this, the cowherd went to the Chozha and told the motive why the cow is not yielding milk. Then, the king sent a number of his infantrymen and asked them to wreck the Putru. On that point, the cow as usual went closer to Putru and gave milk. But at the same time, the cowherd tried to hit the cow along with his axe and due to this, he threw the awl toward the cow. But, to help the cow, the perumal got out from the Putru and held the axe in his head. The awl without delay struck the brow of the perumal and made a deep reduction and as a end result, the blood got here out and sooner or later it fell in the world and thus, eventually the earth changed into freed from all types of evil activities that’s being performed by using Kalki.

As the Emperumaan divine feet became stamped at the Boologam, it got its purity and the perumal gave his seva first to the cowherd in spite of throwing the awl on him and making wound on him. But, as stated by way of the perumal in Bhagavad Gita, “Do your duties, without anticipating the return”. As said with the aid of the perumal, the cowherd did the right obligation of preventing the cow which gave the milk to the perumal. He didn’t anticipate something. It’s his responsibility to take the cow out and get the milk from them. As a end result, he turned into the primary person to get the dharshan of the perumal.

Varaghar and Sri Srinivasar:

After coming out from the Putru, the perumal went towards Sri Varaha moorthy who helped out Bhoomipiratti from Hiranyatshakan, while the perumal took the Avathar as “Sri Varaghar”. The perumal requested for some region to stay inside the hill. As Varaghar could without problems sense that the perumal is feeling the absence of Lakshmi piratti, he supplied the perumal a few land on the hill and he requested for a varam. It is that each bhaktas must worship Varaha swamy first then handiest they ought to worship the Sri Srinivasa perumal.

If they worship him without delay while praying Varaha moorthy, the perumal have to not provide his blessing nor take their services. The perumal accepted it and promised him that the Prasadam and his darshan could be provided first to Varagha moorthy and then only it might be provided to the perumal in Tirupathi. Thus, the perumal got the vicinity to live on and this hill is the Venkatachala hill (Tirumala). Varagha moorthy additionally dispatched Vakula maligai in conjunction with the perumal to help him out inside the residence. Vakula maligai is none apart from Yasodha the mom of Sri Krishnan in Sri Krishna Avatharam. During that avatar, the perumal had promised her that in Kali Yuga that she can be given his seva and she or he may be seeing the perumal in Kalyana Vaibhavam, as Kalyana Moorthy.

Location: Tirucchanoor is 5 kms From Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.

This sthalam is likewise known as “Alamelumangapuram”. This is the separate sthalam for Thaayar.

The Moolavar Thaayar is Alarmelmangai thayar and she is found going along the East course. The Thayar is also named as “Padmavathi”. In Tiruchanoor, a very big pushkarani is discovered and it’s miles stated that most effective on this pushkarani, Mahalakshmi thayar did tapas on sitting on a totally massive lotus flower.

Here Devi Padmavathi in all her bridal glory is worshipped. It is commonplace to worship the Goddess here after the darshan of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala.

The deity, Sri Padmavati Devi is seated in “Padmasana role”, preserving a Lotus in each of her top arms. Her lower hands are in poses of “Abhaya”, fearlessness, and “Varada”, benediction.

Separate sannadhis for Lord Krishna, Balaramar, Sundararaja Swami, Surya Narayana Swami and Venkatachalapati are also discovered at the “Pragharams’ ‘.

Nearby, there may be a Shiva temple dedicated to Sri Parasurameswara.

come off with a sensation of warmth.

The sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara is situated on the Seshachala Hill, which is one of the seven peaks of the Tirumala Hills. The atmosphere is cool and sanctified with the echoes of divine chants.

Lord Venkateswara the presiding deity of the Tirumala Hills, Tirupati is undoubtedly the One who will grant Mukthi (eternal freedom) to those who worship him. Picturesquely situated on top of the Tirumala hills, this temple is reputed to be one of the most ancient temples in India. Lord Balaji, as he is affectionately referred to, is also worshipped by millions of devotees for prosperity of their business venture.

Everyday is a festival day in Tirumala. To help you perform poojas here we offer two packages.

The temple is opened all of the day but closed only for some hours of time. This implies how the perumal is giving his seva to his bhaktas.


Tirucchanoor is 5 kms From Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.This sthalam is also called as “Alamelumangapuram”. This is the separate sthalam for Thaayar.

The Moolavar Thaayar is Alarmelmangai thaayar and she is facing along East direction. The Thaayar is also named as “Padmavathi”. In Tirucchanoor, a very big pushkarani is there and it is said that only in this pushkarani, Mahalakshmi thaayar did tapas on sitting on a very big lotus flower.

Here Devi Padmavathi in all her bridal glory is worshipped. It is customary to worship the Goddess here after darshan of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala.

The deity, Sri Padmavati Devi is seated in “Padmasana position”, holding a Lotus in both of her upper hands. Her lower hands are in poses of “Abhaya”, fearlessness, and “Varada”, benediction.

Separate sannadhis for Lord Krishna, Balarama, Sundararaja Swami, Surya Narayana Swami and Venkatachalapati are also found on the “Pragharams”.

Venkateswara Swamy had once appeared in real

Long ago, in 19th century India, the King of the region imposed death sentence on twelve people for committing a heinous crime. The twelve of them were hung by their necks until death. Post death, the body of the deceased criminals were left hanging on the walls of the temple of Balaji. It was at that time the deity himself appeared.

Misty idol

For an inexplicable reason, the back of the idol always remains moist, despite the priests labouring to keep it dry.

Sweaty deity

Lord Balaji’s image may be carved out of stone, but it is fully infused with life and very much alive if reports are to be believed. The idol of the holy deity maintains a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, even though the surroundings are cool due to the steep location of the temple (3000 feet). Every morning, after the holy bath known as Abhishekham, droplets of sweat appear on the image of Balaji which have to be wiped off with a silken fabric by the priests. On Thursdays, when the priests remove the ornaments of the idol for a holy bath, they fall off with a vibe of warmth. 

The hallowed sanctuary of Lord Venkateswara is arranged on the Seshachala Hill, which is one of the seven pinnacles of the Tirumala Hills. The environment is cool and purified with the echoes of celestial serenades. 

Master Venkateswara, the managing divinity of the Tirumala Hills, Tirupati is without a doubt the One who will allow Mukthi (interminable opportunity) to the individuals who love him. Beautifully arranged on head of the Tirumala slopes, this sanctuary is rumored to be one of the most antiquated sanctuaries in India. Ruler Balaji, as he is additionally warmly alluded to is likewise adored by a large number of fans for thriving of their undertaking. 

Regular is a celebration day in Tirumala. To assist you with performing poojas here we offer two bundles.

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