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Sri Ranganathaswamy- Thiruvarangam ,Trichy.

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Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple or Thiruvarangam is a Hindu temple devoted to Ranganatha, a reclining shape of Hindu deity, Vishnu located in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India . Constructed within the Dravidian fashion of architecture, this temple is glorified inside the Thiviya Pirabandham, the early medieval Tamil literature canon of the Alvar saints from the sixth to ninth centuries AD and is counted among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Vishnu. The temple follows Thenkalai way of life of worship.

Once on the base of Himalaya, River Ganga, Cauvery, Yamuna and Saraswathi are playing inside the sky one ghandharvan (individual who belong to Deva logam) noticed those rivers playing and worshipped them. Seeing this all the 4 river ladies commenced announcing themselves that he worshipped them most effective. They started arguing on whom absolutely he worshipped. The arguement persevered however didnt prevent. Yamuna and Saraswathi stopped their quarrel. But to Ganga and Cauvery it continued. Finally, they each went to sriman Narayanan.

River Ganga instructed to Narayanan because she become originated from the toes of Narayanan, she is greater and mightier than cauvery. Sriman Narayanan prevalent it. But, cauvery doesnt be given it and she did tapas on Sriman Narayanan. Finally, Narayanan gave seva to her and informed him that he will sleep at the financial institution of Cauvery and at that point, river Cauvery could be the garland (Maalai) in his chest, in order to the higher function than Ganga, who’s determined in his feet. This is the sthalapuranam stated here.

Emperumaan gave the Vimaanam of Srirangam to Brahma Devan. Brahma Devan gave this to “Itsuvaghu” who’s one of the King of Sooriya family. From Itsuvaghan to Lord Rama time, this Vimaan was worshipped and belonged to Ayodhya Kings.

Sri Ramar who took the avathaar as an regular human being, worshipped Sri Ranganathan, the god is likewise named as “Periya Perumal”. After his pattabishekham (crowned as king), he gave the Thiru Aranga Vimaanam to King Vibeeshan, which belongs to Ayodhya Kings and their followers.

Coming along with the thiruvaranga temple vimaanam, he kept the vimaanam inside the midst of Cauvery river to worship it. During the worship, Chozhan Dharmavarman and lots of Rishis additionally joined. After finishing all of the poojas, attempted to take the vimaanam together with him to Lanka, he was unable to take it and he could not even flow.

At that time, Sri Aranganathan advised due to the fact that he had given varam to River Cauvery and on account that he has to purify her, he has to be all alongside the Cauvery River. And instructed that he will no longer be in a function to transport from there. But on hearing this, King Vibeeshan became sad, for which Sri Aranganathan says that regardless of now not coming to Lanka, but he could be dealing with the south course of Lanka. This is the records explaination of Sri Rangam.

The function which Sri Ranganathar is found on this sthalam is one of the first rate factor that has to be explained.

In this sthalam, Aranganathan is found inside the Aranga Vimanam, Keeping 5 headed Aadhi seshan because the bed, his legs stretched alongside the route of the solar’s upcoming facet (East) direction from wherein the moon in the evening rises and Lord Yaman, who’s the demon king and cool breeze and wind which are stated to be found from the South path are seen by way of Aranganathan and he sees Lanka. At the back of him, is Guberan (North Direction) and Selva Magal (Sri Lakshmi) are located. His proper hand is stored beneath his head as a “Pillow” and the left hand is on his lap and it’s miles pointed to his toes. This position explains to the world that all the Jeevathmas are finally getting terminated best in his feet.

Till now, if we stand on the pinnacle of Srirangam Temple Gopuram, we are able to discover that the Eyes of Arangan as nevertheless seeing the south path of Sri Lanka.

As the 12 months pass an records is said that Srirangam Gopuram and Sri Ranganathar got into the river and while Dharma Varman got here alongside that facet, a parrot came to him and instructed that the Gopuram is lost in the river and subsequently it’s far taken out from it’s miles one of the tale stated here but now not positive, how tons actual it’s far and since the parrot helped him to get out the temple, a mandapam for that parrot is build.

Srivilliputtur Pattarbiraan periyaalwar’s daughter Sri Aandal, who sang Thiruppaavai and called as “Soodi Kodutha Sudar Oli”, Kulasekara Alwar’s daughter Cherar Vali, Nandha Chozhan’s daughter Kamalavalli and Delhi Badhusa’s daughter Thullaka Naachiyar all cherished Sri Aranganathan and sooner or later they were given in to Sri Aranganathan’s Body.

The temple’s outer partitions are built by means of Thirumangai Alwar and Nandhavan (Park) become constructed by way of Thondar Adi Podi Alwar.

In this sthalam, Mettu Azhagiya singar (Narasimhar) Sannadhi is observed and in the front of it’s far discovered the 4 pillared mandapam (Nallu Kaal Mandapam). In this mandapam, Kambar explained for the primary time, his tremendous paintings “Kamba Ramayanam” and in that “Iranya Vadhai Padalam” is also blanketed in that. (Iranyavadhan is the tale about the killing of Iranyan by using Lord Narasimha). But on hearing the inclusion of it, all the people around the Mandapam protested against it. At that time, a voice that belonged to Lord Narasimha arised and it stated there need to be no Protestants on that and he standardised the inclusion of it. It is also one of the stated story here. No wherein is located a separate sannadhi for Sri Dhanvanthri (medical doctor for god and God of medication) in this temple.

Thiruppaan Alwar was given his paramapadham mukthi (left his life and went to paramapadham) here.

Arayar seva, that is certainly one of the types, was created with the aid of Naadha muni on this sthalam. It is the sort by which Naalayira Divya Pprabhandham is sung in a musical way.

Krishna saynar, thulasi dhasar, Maadhavar had also sung songs on Sri Ranga nathar. Manavaala Maamuni did Kaalatshebham right here. (Kaalatshebham approaches explaining some correct matters on the premise of god to anyone).

When explaining about Sri Ranganathar and the temple, one greater special character has to be explained and he’s Sri Ramanujar.

Sri Ramanujar says that Gnanam is Arangan and Gnana Teacher is Arangan and the follower is likewise Arangan and the person who follows it as additionally Arangan. And sooner or later at the command given by way of Arangan, he left the earth and terminated into Aranganathan. Even Though his soul came out from the arena, his body nonetheless observed interior sannadhi. Inside it, he is sitting and his eyes are opened and he is giving his benefits to the sector.

The temple servers are applying a type of Oil (thaylam) all alongside his body to shield it from no longer being destroyed. Like this identical manner, in Russia, Lenin’s body and in Goa Saint Fransis Saviours our bodies also are covered by making use of proper oils.

Sri Ramanujar is given some names along with Udayavar Ramanujar, Yathirajar, Emperumanar, whilst he was in Melkote, Karnataka district, his bhaktas and relatives saved a statue like him to don’t forget him and because of his memory. Its call is “Thamar Ugandha Thirumeni”.

And then, he himself wanted to make a statue and ordered for it. Finally after seeing it, he gave the acclaim for it and it’s called “Thaan Ugandha Thirumeni ” and it’s far from Sriperumbudur. (Thaney Aana Thirumeni).

All the devotees are said to scrub their feets whilst going into the Sannadhi of Sri Ranganathar, because the creative works on Sri Ramanujar are located within the flooring here.

Sri Desikar sings a tune on Sri Ranganatha Paadhuka (toes) and it is known as “Padhukasahasram ”. To recognize this, he changed into given the name as “Kavitha Kavitha simha” by way of the God itself and as “Sarvathantira Swathanthra” through pirattiyaar.

Sri Rangam is more unique than Paarkadal and Vaikundam. It is referred to as “Bhooloka Vaikuntam”.

Water Harvesting Systems (Temple Tanks): The Temple complex has 2 large Temple tanks inside it, Chandra Pushkarini and Surya Pushkarini. The Complex has been built in a way that everyone the water accumulated flows into the tanks. The capability of each Pushkarini is around 2 million litres and the water is cleansed by way of motion of fishes in it.

Ranga Vimana, a shrine over the sanctum sanctorum is built inside the form of the image ‘Om’ and is absolutely gold plated.

The 2d enclosure carries the shrine of Ranganayaki, a woman of ethics. She is without a doubt the Goddess of Lakshmi, so for the duration of festivals the deity in no way comes out of her shrine, but is visited with the aid of Ranganathar.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple has a corridor of 953 pillars which is manufactured from granite. Intricate sculptures are the most appealing part of the corridor. The Hall changed into built at some stage in the Vijayanagara duration.

Contact:Archagar (K.S.Murali – 9840179416)

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