Saneeswara Temple

Sri Purushothama Perumal Temple-Thiru Vann Purushothamam,Seergazhi

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Sri Van Purushothaman Temple is located in Thirunaangur, Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. It is positioned five miles from Seergazhi. It is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu. It is one of the 108 divyadesams committed to the Hindu lord Vishnu. The temple is also one of the eleven Divyadesams of ThirunangurTirupathis and is intently related to ThirumangaiAlwar. The temple has been constructed in Dravidian style architecture.
As the perumal of this vicinity gave the Thirupaarkadal and stands as Rama the best some of the guys so named as Purushothaman along together with his spouse Purushothama Naayaki – Periya piratti, this location is called as Thiru Vann Purushothamam.
As Lord Narayana gave generously the Thirupaarkadal to Upamanyu Maharishi, the theertham is referred to as Thirupaarkadal Theertham.
Sanjeevi Mooligai (An herb) saved Lord Rama itself. So inorder to indicate this, the Vimaanam of this location is named as Sanjeevi Vigraha Vimaanam.
The term Purushothamam method the individual that is excellent among Bhaktar, Muktar, Nitheyar and Purushar (ie) amongst Devotees, the individual that had attained eternity, the soul of the human being always lives with the god.
The Utsavar Purushotaman observed on this sthalam is stated to be so lovely and might effortlessly attract everyones attention and heart toward him.
Sri Purushothama Perumal Temple is one of the famous Hindu temple.The Thirupaarkadal changed into given by using lord Vishnu and there stand as lord Rama greatest the various men, so it turned into named as Sri Purushothaman alongside together with his wife Sri Purushothama Naayaki,and this area is also referred to as Thiru Vann Purushothaman.

The Thirupaarkadal changed into given to Upamanyu Maharishi with the aid of lord Vishnu,this theertham is referred to as Thirupaarkadal Theertham.

Lord Vishnu turned into saved through Sanjeevi Mooligai(An herb).So it’s far denoted to vamaanam is named as Sanjeevi Vigraha Vimaanam.

The meaning of Purushothaman is the individual that is good in Bhaktar, Muktar, Nitheyar and Purushar among devotees, the person that had eternity, the soul of the human constantly lives with the god.Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Sri Purushotaman within the NindraThirukkolam (Standing posture) going through east.

Prathyaksham for Upamanyu Maharishi. Thayaar on this sthalam is Purushotama Naayaki. The Pushkarani(holy tank) of this place is named as Thirupaarkadal Theertham. In this temple Sri Purushotaman is so beautiful and it may easily appeal to every body’s coronary heart in the direction of him.

  1. The day after each Thai Amavasai, Garuda Sevai is well known excellently right here.

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