Saneeswara Temple

Sri Pandava Thoodhar Temple -Thiru Paadagam,Kanchipuram

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Tirupatakam Pandavadutha Perumal Temple is one of the 108 Vaishnava temples. Ithalam is located in Tirupadagam in Kanchipuram district. It is the 49th Divya Desam out of the 108 Divya Desams that received the Mangalasasana of Perumal. It is believed that those born under the star of Rohini will come to Italam and stay away from any difficulty if they visit Krishna. The highlight of the temple is the 25 feet high, seated throne at the headquarters.
Lord Itala is known as “Pandava Dhootaperumal” as Kannan went as an envoy to the Panchapandis. He is referred to as “Dutahari” in the inscriptions here.

Shortly after the end of the Indian War, Maharaja Janamejayar came to hear the story of India from a Rishi named Vaisambayanar. Then when Raja and Krishna went on a mission, I also had to see the cosmic vision taken in the dungeon sitting in the dungeon. He asked the Rishi to tell him the instructions for that. According to the advice given by the Rishi, Perumal showed his Indian mission to Golam for the Janamejaya king who sat in the Itala Theertham and did penance.

During the Mahabharata period, Daruma, the eldest of the Pandavas, lost his wealth and country to gambling by the Kauravas. Lord Krishna went on a mission to ask Duryodhana to give them a house. Duryodhana did a trick to humiliate Sri Krishna. Bhagavan made a large cellar under the seat in which he sat and put green leaves on top of it and made him fall down as soon as he sat down. As per his maneuver, Lord Krishna also sat on the throne and fell into the abyss. Duryodhana had then arranged some soldiers there to attack him.
Sri Krishna brought them down, destroyed them, and showed His Visvarupa Darshan. He is called Pandavadutha Perumal because he went on a mission for the Pandavas. Many years after the end of the Bharat War, a king named Janamejayar came to hear the stories of Bharat from the great Maharishi Vaisambayanar. Then came to the king the desire to see the cosmic vision of Lord Krishna. He asked the Maharishi to tell him the instructions for seeing the Visvarupa of Lord Krishna by himself.
On the advice of that Maharishi, the king came to Kanchipuram and did penance. Here Perumal bestowed his Bharatiya Dutu Kolam on Ithalat for the benefit of meditation. Moreover, it is believed that he gave Thirudharashtra an eye sight and bestowed his Visvarupa Darshan on Italam. This place is considered to be very powerful because Lord Krishna pressed his feet on the ground and applied his Visvapatha Yoga Shakti. Therefore, the hope is that those who perform penance here will get rid of all sufferings and get rid of sin.

Swami: Pandava Ambassador Tirukolam (East Thirumuga Zone).
Ambal: Rukmini, Satyabhama.
Theertham: Matsya Theertham.
Plane: Wheel plane, Veda Kodi plane.
Title: Ithalam is said to be about 2000 years old. This place was formerly known as Tirupati. At a height of 25 feet, Lord Krishna is seated on a pedestal with a smile on his face and is graced with beauty like nowhere else. Kannan is also known as Pandava Dhootaperumal as he went as an envoy to the Panchapandas In the inscriptions here, this giant is referred to as Duta Hari. The inscriptions here show that the temple was renovated by Kulothunga I. Revised by Mangalasasana after receiving the praises sung by Puthathalvar, Bayalvar, Thirumalisaiyalvar and Thirumangaiyalvar. Ithalam is the 49th Divya Desam out of 108 Divya Desams.
This place is the Rohini Star Temple. Rohini Devi worshiped the goddess Perumala at this place and was blessed to reach the moon as a bridegroom. History has it that Chandran married Rohini, the first of his 27 star goddesses, and Karthika, the goddess of fire, and other star goddesses. It is said that he used to come every day in the form of Sootsuma to worship Perumal who showed him the power of wisdom and vision. So, if the Rohini stars come here on Wednesdays and Saturdays and worship Ashtami Tithi on the eighth, there will be immense benefits.

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