Saneeswara Temple

Sri Paambanaiyappa Perumal Temple – Thiruvanvandoor, Kerala

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The Divya Desams are respected by way of the 12 Azhvars inside the Divya Prabandha, a set of 4,000 Tamil verses. Lord Shiva, the opposite important deity in Hinduism, is similarly associated with the Paadal Petra Sthalams, 275 Shiva temples which might be praised inside the Tevaram canon by way of the sixty three Nayanars.

This temple is stated to had been built by means of Nahulan one of the Pandavas.
It is stated that when Narada Maharishi become below a curse by using Brahma and Naradar got here here to worship Sri Narayanan. Sri Narayana advised Narada to enlighten the arena with ‘Gnana’ and caused him to write down Narada Puranam right here at this place. He got here out with a writing and it contained 25000 grantas ( stanzas) explaining the technique of worship of Sri Narayana, that Sri Narayana is the splendid one .
The Moolavar is Paambanaiyappan. He is likewise referred to as as “Kamalanathan”. Moolavar is in Nindra Thirukkolam facing West. Prathyaksham for Narada Maharishi and Maarkandeya. Thaayar of the temple is Kamalavalli Naachiyaar. The temple is revered by the verses of Nammalvar.

Being one among the 108 Divya Desas Vishnu temples, it’s miles stated that Pandavas got here to this vicinity throughout their exile lifestyles. Found dilapidated, Nakula the remaining brother of the Pandavas renovated the temple. People agree with that this become built via Nakula. The temple location is located on the north of the holy Pampa River of Kerala. This is cited within the hymns of Nammazhwar. Of the temples mounted by means of Pandavas, that is the temple that celebrates greater pageant occasions. Located about 7kms North of Chengannur and approximately 5kms South West of Thiruvalla at the Erimala path, at the banks of the Pamba River is the Pambanai Appan Divya Desam in Thiru Vanvandur.

A debate arose among Lord Brahmma and Maharshi Narada. Brahma spelt a curse on Narada who came all the way down to this vicinity and achieved penance on Lord Vishnu seeking his grace to educate him all of the philosophies covering creation and related principles. Pleased together with his penance, Lord taught him the lessons based totally on which Maharshi Narada wrote the treatise on the supremacy of Lord Vishnu and the codes to worship Him, titled Naradeeya Puranam, consistent with scriptures. Narada is said to have created the ‘Naradiya Purana’, an extensive report comprising of 25000 verses.

While digging the land in this location, new Perumal-Vishnu idols have been observed. They have been brought to this temple and new shrines built to put in the brand new idols. It is full-size that the sanctum sanctorum is circular in form and Perumal in a status form is going through west keep his conch and discus. The sculpture depicting the dance of Child Krishna at the hoods of snake Kalinga (Kalinga Nardanam) could be very appealing. The pillars bearing this Naradana Kanna has also carvings of all Dasavatara (10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu) scenes. The Vimana – tower above the sanctum sanctorum is referred to as Sakala Veda Vimanam. Maharishi Narada and Markandeya had visited the temple to worship Perumal Pamabanaiappan.

As seen within the different tales regarding Divya Desams round Chengannur, the Pandava brothers visited those temples and created a temple each in this region. One of the younger Pandava brothers, Nakula, renovated the Thiruvanvandur temple. Lord is visible here with Conch, Chakra, Spear and Mace.
It is stated that this Divyadesam sthalam is constructed through Nakulan, one a few of the Pandavas.
Once, Naradar got a Shaapam (curse) from Brahmadeva and he got here to this sthalam and worshipped Paambanaiyappan.
At that time, Sriman Narayana got here infront of him and defined the Naradeeya puranam, that explains about the Gnana.
It additionally explains that both Shaivam and Vaishnavam should be dealt with an one and all human beings have to be dealt with the equal manner.
Another top notch individual, Maarkandeya Maharishi who’s one of the Chiranjeevi, got the seva of this Perumal.
The Perumal gave his seva together with Kamalavalli Naachiyaar as Kamalanathan in Nindra thirukkolam.
The Perumal is also known as as “Pambha Anai appan”.
Lots of utsavar Idols were were given in the course of digging of Earth and that they were kept in Separate sannadhis.

Sri Paambanaiyappa Perumal temple is considered as one of the 5 ancient temples in Chengannur, Kerala and one of the temples which is linked with the legends of Mahabharata, one of the predominant Sanskrit epics of ancient India. And those five temples are believed to be constructed with the aid of the Pancha Pandavas (5 princes), the five acknowledged sons of Pandu, who dominated Hastinapura (a town and a nagar panchayat in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh).

Sri Paambanaiyappa Perumal temple is assumed to be built as a determination toward Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as it is related to the epic Mahabharata.
The legend say that the Pancha Pandavas after enthroning Parikshit, a kuru king who reigned at some point of the Middle Vedic length (twelfth or 11th century BCE), as a king of Hastinapura, the Pancha Pandavas began a pilgrimage. And on arriving on the banks of Pamba River, it’s far stated that every of them mounted an image of Lord Krishna.
It is believed that Paambanaiyappa Perumal temple is built by using Nakula, the fourth of the Pancha Pandavas.

Nakula was acknowledged to be the maximum handsome individual inside the Kuru Kingdom (the existing states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand and western a part of Uttar Pradesh).
The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Pambanaiappan (Vishnu), determined in a standing posture facing toward the west path. The temple has a storeyed Gopuram (huge tower), and is constructed in a Kerala style of structure.
Sri Paambanaiyappa Perumal Temple includes Dwajasthambam (flag submit), Dwarapalakas (gate keepers), Namaskara Mandapa, Thevrapura (the kitchen), Deepastamba (light publish) and so on.
The roofs of the temple are depicted with numerous memories of Ramayana and Mahabharatha, the two most important Sanskrit epics of historic India.

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