Saneeswara Temple

Sri Oppiliappan Temple – Thiruvinnagar,Kumbakonam

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When the Great sea of Vaikunda, the Thiruparkadal was churned, Lakshmi devi and Thulasi devi emerged from the sea.

Lord Narayana, positioned Mahalakshmi in his coronary heart. Thulasi devi too desired to marry Lord Narayana. So, he guided her to end up a thulasi plant wherein Maharishi Markandeya achieved penance. She got here to Thirunageswaram close to Kumbakonam.

After a long period of hard pennance Lord Narayana gave her the wife post. Lord Narayana gave Mahalakshmi a place in his heart but he gave Thulasi devi a completely special possibility (ie) Thilasi devi has permanently been given the region as a garland around his neck.

So internally Mahalakshmi blesses us and externally Thulasi devi blesses us. From then Thulasi is taken into consideration as a sacred herb and has lots of medicinal values.

Markandeya Maharishi is the son of Mrikantu Maharishi and he had the splendid possibility of having darshan of each Maha Vishnu and Lord Shiva in his lifetime.

He prayed hard to Lord Vishnu, asking him to grant him Bhoomidevi as his daughter. His want changed into granted, sooner or later he located Bhoomidevi as a  yr vintage baby under the Thulasi plant in the forest in Thirunageswaram.

Days went by and at some point, Lord Vishnu got here as a vintage Brahmin. Markandeya Maharishi gave him a completely hearty welcome the elderly Brahmin desired to marry Bhoomi devi. But, Markandeya Maharishi attempted to give an explanation for him that his daughter turned into too young to get married.

But the Brahmin refused to just accept his motives and blackmailed him that if he did not have Bhoomi devi as his wife he could die immediately.

Maharishi pleaded with him to depart his toddler. He informed him that my daughter isn’t always but fit for marriage mentally and physically. She doesn’t even know how to cook food with a proper share of salt. But the old guy was unable to be convinced. So, Maharishi requested his daughter to simply accept the marriage. She started out crying and advised her father that she too might die if her father pressured her to marry the antique man.

Now, Markandeya Maharishi has been caught in repair. He pleaded with Mahavishnu to get him out of the problem. Internally he knelt earlier than the Lord and caught his foot and prayed tough to clear up his hassle.

When Maharishi woke from Dhyanam (Prayer), as opposed to aged Brahmin he found Lord Mahavishnu clad in most beautiful apparel with one hand in his hip and the other in search of Bhoomi devi’s hand for marriage.

Bhoomi devi turned into very glad and became simply to simply accept Lord Mahavishnu as her husband. Markandeya Maharishi too turned into very happy.

So on the day of Sravana Natchathiram of the Tamil Month Aippasi Lord Mahavishnu married Bhoomidevi. The grand occasion turned into grace by Lord Brahma and all of the celestial persons (ie) devars. Even then Markandeya Maharishi felt sad due to his boundless direction of his daughter. He feared that his daughter might not realize an appropriate quantity of salt for dishes. So he requested Lord Mahavishnu three boons:1. O! Lord you need to take dishes without salt on this location. But the dishes should taste exquisite to you and your devotees.

2. You ought to never depart my daughter by myself, you need to stay with her forever.

3. This location ought to be named after me.

Hence, from the onwards, Lord Vishnu takes meals without salt and so he’s called Oppiliappan (ie) Uppu – illa – appa literally Lord without salt.

So, even nowadays Lord Oppiliappan takes food without salt. Many might imagine why so significant to salt. Salt is the primary item no longer only in South Indian dishes however in multi continental too. 

Without salt nothing could taste high. To enhance the extent of Sweetness to, a pinch of salt is being added. But too much salt will also destroy the dish. Hence salt performs a crucial role. Lord Mahavishnu has forbidden such an object displaying humanity that love is the maximum wanted element in a single’s life instead of something inclusive of hatredness.

As from the heaven (ie) Vinnulagam Lord himself wished to stay in this vicinity, this place is called Vinegar (place of heaven), additionally as a wish of Markandeya Maharishi that is additionally called “Markandeya Kshetram”. Thulasi devi were given her want happy at this vicinity and along with pleasant smelling flowers – Thulasi leaf has were given an critical position in its component (ie) the function of beautifying Lord Mahavishnu as a garland this area is also referred to as as “Thulasivanam”.

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