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Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple – Thiruthankaal,Virudhunagar

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This temple is situated in Tamil Nadu and can be reached when traveling through Sri Villiputoor, Virudhunagar. Thiruthankaal railway station, which is found in Virudhunagar – Thenkasi railway lane, and after getting from the station, we can reach the temple. A lodging facility is also available.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthala Perumal, travels like a cool breeze into the hearts of his bhaktas and takes out their sorrow and thereby making them happy. Since the Perumal has the character (Thanmai) of the cool breeze and air, this sthalam is called as “Thiruthankaal”.
The Moolavar, Nindra Narayanan is found in Nindra Kolam and towards his right side, separate sannadhis for periya pirattiyaar who is called “Anna Nayaki”.
Neela Devi also named “Aanandha Nayaki” and towards the Moolavar’s left side is Bhoomi Pirattiyaar, also named “Amirutha Nayaki” and Jambhavathi are found and giving their dharshan to the bhaktas.
All the statues (Moolavar and Thaayar, except Sengamala thaayar) are painted and because of this, they are not done the thirumanjanam. Only, Sengamala thaayar is done with the Thirumanjanam only with the oil.
Manmadhan, who is the son of Thirumaal, Sri Vishnu, was made into ash by Lord Shiva and in Krishna Avathaar, he was born in the name of Prathyumnan, as the son of Sri Krishna. His son is Anirudhan.
Ushai, who was the daughter of Baanasuran, loved the grandson of Sri Krishnar, Anirudhan. But, he has seen him only in her dream. So she asks her friend how to get him. Her friend, Chitralekha got some photos pained and one of the photos, Anirudhan was found and identified by Ushai. Chitralekha, who knows magic, took away Anirudhan, when he was sleeping in his cot. On knowing this, Anirudhan was jailed by Baanasuran. After hearing his Grandson was jailed, Sri Krishnar fought along with Baanasuran and made Anirudhan out of prison and was married to Ushai. This is one of the oldest stories told about this sthalam.
Another story about this sthalam is also said and it is related to Lakshmanan, brother of Sri Ramar.
Chandrakethu, who was the son of Lakshmanan had the fasting on Ekadesi and he took his oil bath before the Dhuvadesi came. As a result of this, he became a puli (tiger) and when he came to this Lakshmanan worshipped this sthala perumal and finally got his mukthi.

Periya Pirattiyaar did a strong tapas against Sriman Narayanan. On becoming happy and fully satisfied on her tapas, Sriman Narayanan gave him the Varam that she will become the hamsam of Annapoorani by offering food and shelter to the people of this entire world and said she is the combined and total structure of all the other naayakis – Aanandha Nayaki, Sridevi, Neeladevi and Amirutha Nayaki. And further to this, the sthalam will be named “Sripuram” and these are the Varam (Which is given as the prize who satisfies the Perumal) given for Sengamala Thayer. Since Thirumagal stayed in this sthalam and did the tapas, this sthalam is named as “Thiru thangal”. (Thangal means the place of stay).
This sthala thaayar is also named as Jaambhavathi. She was the daughter of the Great Vishnu bhaktas, Jaambhavan who had a great love and bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. Once in Ramayana time, he wanted to hug SriRamar but Sri Ramar didn’t allow him to do so. But, he gave him a promise that in the Krishna Avathar, he can catch hold of him and will be given in Ramavathar, Jaambhavan in Krishnavathar, came towards Krishna to steal the Siyamanthaka mani, for which they bought for s8 days. In Vaamanavathar, he asked Sri Vishnu that he should be killed only by his weapon, Chakkaram. As a result of this, he was killed on the 28th day and at that time, Sri Krishna made him remember his past. Jaambhavan was so happy that he was killed by a great person, who takes care of the entire world and asked for a final help to Sri Emperumaan that he should marry her only daughter, Jaambhavathi. As his final wish, the Perumal married, Jaambhavathi.

The one more feature of this sthalam is the Garudan. Garudalwar is found along with the snake in his left hand and Amudha Kalasam in his hand and giving his Seva and other two hands are folded and he found along with 4 hands.
Another specialty is the Thaayar is found in standing posture facing her thirumugam along East direction. In all the sthalams, the thaayar is found only in a sitting position, but only in this sthalam, she is found in a standing position, which is said to be one of the specialties of this temple.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolvar of this temple is Sri Nindra Narayanan. Also called as “Thiruthankaal appan”. Moolavar in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumagan along the East direction. Prathyaksham for Salliya pandiyan, Puli, Sri Vallavan and Sridevi pirattiyaar.
Thaayar: The thaayar of this temple is Sri Sengamala thaayar. She has her own separate sannadhi. Also named as Annanayaki, Amiruthanayaki, Aanandhanayaki and Jambhavathi.
Utsavar: The Utsavar of this Divyadesam is Thiruthan Kaalappan is found in Nindra thirukkolam.
Pushkarani: Papha Vinaasa Theertham. It is said that people who take bath in this theertham can attain moksha after their death.
Vimanam: Devachandra Vimaanam.

The presiding deity of this Thiruthangal temple is Lord Nindra Narayana Perumal also called Thiruthangalappan, found in a standing posture facing towards the east. The Goddess of this temple is Goddess Sengamala Thayaar, also called as Annanayaki, Amiruthanayaki, Aanandhanayaki and Jambhavathi. Unlike other temple the goddess of this temple Sengamala Thayaar is found in a standing posture and blesses the devotees. It is believed that Anirudha, the grandson of Lord Krishna, and Usha, the daughter of demon Banasura, got married at this place and is considered to be very sacred.
The other deities of the Thiruthangal temple are Sri Garudalwar, Lord Perumal with his consorts Goddess Sri Devi, Boodevi, Neeladevi, Jambavathi, Lord Anjaneya, Goddes Andal, Sage Markandeya, Sage Brighu, Vishwakarma, Anirudha & Usha, etc. The special feature of this Thiruthangal temple is that Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu, is found with four hands and holding a snake in one of the hands, Amiruta Kalasam (nectar pot) in one hand, and the other two hands are found folded.

Sridevi performed penance on earth to prove her elevation to compete between Perumal’s Goddess Sridevi, Bhudevi and Neela Devi as to who is superior. Correction of the marriage of Perumal Sridevi. The place where Mahalakshmi’s mother performed penance is the site of a beautiful sanctum sanctorum. Notes on this amendment are in the Mysore Narasimhar Temple.
The mother here gets married every day and Perumal gets an ointment. It is hoped that the marriage ban will be lifted if those who have not been married for a long time come here and worship Perumal. All the problems in life will come to an end if you worship the Goddess on Tuesdays and Fridays. Pujas are performed in this temple according to the Vaikansa Agam. Vaikunda Ekadasi is best celebrated here. Throughout the month of March, women come to this rectory and worship. Devotees wait till night for the opening of the gates of heaven and leave to perform darshan. Devotees come and worship not only from the locals but also from the outlying and outlying states. It is a myth that bathing in the Tirtha pool located in a part of the Perumal temple site will remove all the imperfections around the Murugan shrine.

Narayana Perumal Temple is located in the Tiruthangal area of ​​Virudhunagar district. The temple can be reached by traveling about 24 km from Virudhunagar via Amathur and Karisseri, or 4 km from Sivakasi.

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