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Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple-Thiru Neermalai ,Chennai

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Sri Neervannaperumal Temple, Thiruneermalai is one among the 108 Divya Desams found in Chennai near Tambaram (Thondai Nadu).
Hindus are polytheistic. It is believed that Hindus have 33 crore deities. Each deity has their own temple dedicated to them. Thiruneermalai Temple or Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple is a Hindu temple in Thiruneermalai, a suburb of Chennai, India. While the Sthalathe Padi (presiding deity) is Neervanna Perumal, all utsavams (Celebrations) are for Lord Ranganatha.
The legend is that when Valmiki prayed to Lord Ranganatha and Goddess Ranganayaki in the base temple, they took the form of Lord Rama and Sita. Sesha, Conch, Chakra appeared as Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna and Garuda as Hanuman. Sage Valmiki could view Lord Ranganatha, Lord Trivikrama and Lord Narasimha in the top temple.
Long ago, this hill was surrounded by water when Thirumangai Azhwar visited the shrine. Hence it is called Thiruneermalai. It is one of the Divya desam. People need to climb steps to reach the hilltop. There are around 200 to 300 steps.

In this Sthalam, the Perumal is found in various positions as Nindraan, Irunthaal, Kidanthaan and Nadanthaan Thirukkolam.
This Sthalam is situated in Tamil Nadu, Chengalpet District. We can reach the temple by travelling around 4 Kms from Pallavaram Railway Station, which is about 7 Kms from Chennai.
This Thiruneermalai Kshetram is also called as “Thoyagiri Kshetram” and also as “Thothadri”. Thoya means “Water” and Adhiri means “Mountain” (malai). Since the mountain is surrounded by water, this sthalam is named as “ThiruNeermalai”.
Moolavar and Thayar:
The Neervannar is found in Nindra (standing) thirukkolam facing his Thirumugham towards the East direction. He is also named as Neelamugil Vannan. Prathyaksham (seva) for Thondaimaan, Brighu Munivar and Maarkandeyar.
Lord Ranganathar is found in Kidantha (lying) position facing his thirumugham towards South direction and the Sayana kolam is referred to as “Manicka Sayanam ”. He is lying on the Adhiseshan under Ranga Vimanam.
The Thayaar of this sthalam is Sri Animaa Malar Mangai and found in a separate Sannadhi.
kshri includes Karunya, Sidha and Swarna Pushkarani.
Kshri Pushkarani for Kidantha Perumal.
Karunya Pushkarani for Nindra Perumal.
Sittha Pushkarani for Ulagalantha Perumal.
Swarna Pushkarani for Veetruntha Paramapatha Emperuman.
The Pushkarani is found along with the Neerazhi Mandapam.
In Kulakarai, Vasantha Mandapam is found.
Ranga Vimanam – Sri Ranganathar.
Santha Vimaanam – Lord Narasimha.
Thoyagiri Vimaanam – Ulagalantha Perumal.
Brahmotsavams: Panguni and Chittirai Uttiram Masi (Animamalar mangai Thayar) and Panguni (Ranganayaki Thayar) Rathasapthami Thirunakstrams of Azhwars and Acharyans Pavitrotsavam
This temple is one of the most famous temples of South India and the popularity it has gained is a result of its well-maintained surrounding and serene atmosphere.

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