Saneeswara Temple

Sri Neelamega Perumal Temple-Thiru Thanjai Maamani Kovil ,Tanjore

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Sri Neelamega Perumal Temple, a divya desam at the banks of Vennaru is located in Thanjavur Dist, Tamilnadu, that is a collection of three temples of Lord Paranthaman. Sreeman Narayanan has been worshipping the devotees in three exclusive temples Sri Neelamaga Perumal, Temple, Thiru Manikundram and Thiru Thanjai Yali Temple. All these 3 Temples are being worshipped as One Divyadesam. Among the 108 Divyadesam, this is the only and most effective Divyadesam wherein three temples are worshipped as one divyadesam.

 The 2d temple is referred to as Manikkunram. Manikkunrapperumaal is enshrined here in a seated position, going through the east. His consort is Ambujavalli. The theertham right here is the Rama theertham and additionally the vimanam Manikkoota Vimanam. Markandeya is assumed to be worshipped right here.

The 0.33 is Thanjaiyali nagar, enshrining a seated photograph of Narasimhar whose consort is Thanjai Nayaki. The theertham here is Surya Pushkarini, and additionally the vimanam Vedasundara Vimanam. Markandeyar is assumed to have worshipped here. The Utsavar inside these temples is called Narayanan.

The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Neelamega Perumal. The Moolavar is giving his seva in Sitting role facing his thirumugam closer to east direction. Prathyaksham for Parasara Maharishi. The Thayaar observed in this sthalam is Senkamalavalli.

In Krutha Yuga, three Demons named Thanjagan, Thandagan and Gajamugan had prepared to undergo a sincere penance in the direction of Lord Shiva.

Pleased at the devotion, Lord Shiva gave them his Prathyaksham changed into requests for the boon what they were seeking out. Asuras had asked him for a boon of immortality. Lord Shiva advised them that Sreeman Narayanan is the only and simplest preserver and he best would be in a position to offer this boon for them and confident them that they could no longer be to them.

After getting the exceptional boon from Lord Shiva, the Asuras commenced troubling the whole universe and additionally they commenced harassing the complete Devas and Rishis. During that point there has been an excessive drought and famine inside the complete universe. But particularly there has been one and simplest vicinity with enough meals and water and that became Sage Parashara’s domicile. 

By understanding this Asuras went down to Sage Parasar’s area and assaulted him. The Sage calledLord Vishnu to assist him out. Finally Lord Paranthaman sent his Chakra and destroyed all of the Demons, who were troubling everybody . Only these 3 Asuras have been left. Lord Sreeman Narayan seemed before Thanjagan and beheaded him.

At remaining Thanjagan realized all his mistakes and begged Lord to Pardon him. Pleased Lord Vishnu forgave all his mistakes. Hence the region is referred to as Thanjagan oor and known as Thanjavur and Tanjore.

Second Demon Gajamugan took the shape of Elephant and fought. Lord Vishnu then took the form of Lord Narsimham (Half Man and Half Lion) and killed the Demon. Regretted, Gajamugan asked to pardon him. From that time the place in which Gajamugan turned into killed is worshipped as Thanjai Yali Koil. (Yali means Elephant). 

The frightened 1/3 Demon Thandagan went right down to Bhadhaala Logam to get away. Lord took the shape of Varaham (The Pig ) plunged into Bhadhaala Logam and destroyed the Demon. The place in which Thandagan was killed has been referred to as Dandakaranyam. Lord Vishnu, regarded as Bhuvaraha Murthi after beheading Demon Thandagan is being worshipped as Sreemushnam. At final the Lord gave salvations to all three Demons.

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