Saneeswara Temple

Sri Naan Madhiya Perumal Temple -Thalaicchanga Naanmathiyam, Mayavaram

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Thalaichanga Naanmathiyam Divya Desam in Thalaichangadu, as soon as a business hub (it’s far believed that Conches were special at this location ) now wears almost a deserted appearance. The vicinity in which Chandran was liberated from his curse.
Located 12 kms East of Seerkazhi at the Nagapatinam State Highway, this historic temple stated to be over a one thousand years vintage has connections with the Srirangam and Thiru Indhalur temples. A redeeming feature is the commitment and devotion of Varadarajan Bhattar, who travels 16kms through bus every morning from Mayavaram.
To nowadays, the sacred water (Theertham) tastes special here at this temple.Andal’s special posture, Andal is visible in a status posture, subsequent to Lord Narayanan, along with her head slightly tilted to the left.

Sangu way shells. As once the very first-rate shells of Kaviripoompatinam became bought right here. This place is called Thalai sangam (litrally – place of satisfactory shells). And as there were lot’s of purasa Maram (Purasa tree) the time period Kadu – woodland joined to give the call Thalai sang – Kadu = Thalaisangadu.
Lord Shiva wears the cresent moon as his head decoration. As like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu too has cresent moon on this place.
This temple could be very small. Looks just like the Chandraloga land of Moon god.
Thaayar has no seperate sannadhi.
As the Moolavar of this region took away the curse at the moon god, he is called as chandra Shaba Harar (ie) chandra – moon, Shabam – Curse, Harar – character who demolishes.
It’s said that earlier than forty years this area turned into in a demolished stage. Seeing this Vaduga Nambi Ramanuja dasar who was very old took up the renovation work which was finished with the aid of his pupil Sundara Ramanuja Dasan. After which Kumbabhisegam become performed.
There’s many disputes regarding the beginning of the moon god. Its being stated that he became born from the chest of Sriman Narayana, that he turned into born even as the excellent sea Thiruparkadal turned into churned and also it’s far stated that he’s the son of Athri Maha rishi and Anusya.
It’s also stated that while Athri Maharishi changed into in a deep prayer, the sperm came out of his eyes and Lord Indra collected it and placed it in his tower and named it soman and declare monday (Somavaram) because the day of Soman. As a end result of his tough prayer he were given the location as a planet and continues to be undertakes the role of beautifying Lord Shiva as a head ornament and as his 0.33 eye too.
Lord Chandra married the 27 daughters of Thakan, assistant of Lord cursed him to wane. But by way of Lord Shivas advantages he were given his lifestyles returned and nevertheless as an impact wanes and completely vanishes on the brand new moon day to regain his entire shape on full moon day.
Yearly as soon as his state turns into as low as a “Sandalan someone of very cowcader because of a curse of Lord Vinayaka.
As he turned into the one who confirmed the actual form of Raaghu and Kethu to Lord Narayana at the same time as drinking the everlasting drink Amudham, he turn out to be the enemy to them, and is bound to eclipse each 12 months henceforth.
His chariot includes 3 wheels and has 10 horses in his chariot. It is also said that he might gain his mild from the 64th ray of Lord Surya (sun god).

The temple is among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas and comes under Choza naatu divyadesams. The presiding deity here is Sri Naanmadhiyaperumal and thayar is known as Thalaichanga naachiyar. The festival idols are called Vyomajoyipiraan and Senkamalavalli thayar. The idol of Andal in this temple is very mesmerising and the shell in the Lord’s hand is said to be very precious.

Moolavar : Naanmadhia Perumal
Urchavar : Vensudar Perumal
Amman / Thayar : Thalaichanga Nachiar, (Procession Goddess-Sengamalavalli)
Theertham : Chandra Pushkarini
Old year : 500-1000 years old
Vimanam : Chandra Vimaanam
Historical Name : Thalaichanga Nanmathiyam
City : Thalachangadu
District : Nagapattinam

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