Saneeswara Temple

Sri Kalyana Narayana Perumal Temple – Thiru Dwaraka,Gujarat.

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Sree lakshmi and pattamagishis sametha sree kalyana narayan perumal temple, dhwaraka is 73rd dhivya dhesam.

Thiru Dwaraka – (Dwaraka, Gujarat) – Sri Kalyana Narayana Perumal Temple, Divya Desam 104

Temple Location : This Divyadesam is found in Bombay-Oka port rail line.To reach this Temple, one has to journey through Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Jam Nagar. Dwaraka railway station is 20 miles faraway from Oka port and from there we will attain the Temple.


This sthalam offers all of the testimonies that cope with the manner he have become the king and ruled the empire and ended the Krsihna Avathaar for which it is taken.

Vada Mathura is the sthalam that’s the Janma Bhoomi (beginning place) of Sri Krishnar; Aayarpadi is the sthalam in which he became brought up and lead his early life days and this sthalam, the Dwaraka is the location where his Punya Avathaar ended. Sri Krishnan confirmed his seva for Brahma devan, Indiran and all of the different Devars and for Vasudevar and Devaki in prison in Vada Mathura divyadesam (Janma Bhoomi). The equal Krsihnar showed his seva for Nandagopar who brought up Sri Krishnar in Aayarpadi.

After all of his responsibilities are over and the purpose for which he took the Krishna Avathaar turned into over, he turned into killed through an archer, ulupadhan, who geared toward Sri Krishnar’s toes thinking it as an white pigeon. Thus, the avathaar of Sri Krishnar ended in Thiru Dwaraka. In Dwaraka Sri Krishnar confirmed his seva to Rukmani, Sathyabama, Jambhavathi and other Ashtamagarishis, his pals, his sons, neighbours and all of Aayars in Dwaraka. These all persons idea that Sri Kannan belongs to them, however he belongs to all of the Jeevathmas in this mighty international.

Draupadhi who changed into additionally named as “Paanjali”, married Panja Pandavas and he or she treated Sri Krishnar as his own brother. When Draupathi became sick – dealt with within the midst of Duriyodhan’s palace, Sri Krishnar gave her clothes thereby protective her. Thus, he gave his seva to Draupathi additionally.

There become a king in Mathura by means of named “Gargeya” who doesnt have any kids. All the Yadhavas teased on him and because of it, he did a intense tapas closer to Lord Shivan to bless with a son who would trip out the Yadhava families. Finally, on satisfied fully on the tapas of the king, he gave who was named as “Kaalayavannan”. Gargeya king and he surpassed over the Kingdom to him, in order that he should ride away the Yadhavas. He gathered all of his troops to make an assault at the Yadhavas.

Knowing this beofe, Sri Krishnar asked the ocean king to assist him out from this, through giving a place inside the ocean a small city can be created and is dominated via Sri Krishnar.

Sri Krishnar asked Vishwakarma to construct the town inside the land and the vicinity changed into built in a beautiful way with plenty of streets, theerthams etc. It was built so beautiful that on seeing it you possibly can say that location as an getting into point (Dwaram) to heaven. Since, this region served as the Dwaram (entering factor) to the heaven, this sthalam is known as as “Dwaraka”. So, Dwaraka is the location where all the Yadhavas in Mathura are transferred to Dwaraka.

Kaalayavannan attacked Mathura however at that time, for the reason that Sri Krishnar and Balaramar are born as a normal person, they couldn’t shield him and ran far from him and cover in to a cave. At the identical time, Musukundan become resting there within the cave due to the pressure in opposition to his combat once more the devars.

Musukundan had were given a peculiar varam and it is if any individual kicks him, (or) whoever wakes him up they may be burnt to ash. Likewise, whilst Kaalayavannan entered into the cave and discovered Musukundan and wakened him. As soon as Musukundan opened his eyes, Kaalayavannan was burnt into ash. Finally, Musukundan felt on the toes of Sri Krishnar and requested for his Vimocchan. For that Sri Krishnar explained him that in his subsequent delivery and in the subsequent Janmam he was blessed through Sri Narayanan in Badrikasramam.

Another person who got the blessings and seva of this sthalaperumal in Kuchelar, one in all his bad brahmin and he became one in every of his friends. As soon as Sri Krishnar saw Kuchelar, he invited him and requested him to be seated.

Sri Krishnar asked him whats the purpose he had come for to meet as though he doesnt know the cause. But, the Emperumaan can easily understand why he has come for. At that time, Kuchelar gave him some Aval (rice tht is converted to aval after being soaked in water then dried up and struck tough). On getting the Aval, Sri Krsihnar was so glad on Kuchelar and asked him that he will give some of his international locations for him. But, bad Kuchelar doesnt want any of them, but he came best to see his certainly one of his antique buddies. Admired through the first rate friendship person of Kuchelar, Sri Krishnar transformed his vintage hut into a completely massive house and made him as a wealthy man or woman. This indicates how a dating must be have to be between the Paramathma and Jeevathma.

It is stated that the Dwaraka sthalam exists in  elements. One is found near to the Dwaraka railway station and is called “Gomuki Dwaraka” and the opposite is called “Pate Dwaraka” that’s located 20 miles far from Gomuki Dwaraka. It is believed that only in pate Dwaraka, Sri Krishnar lived together with all of the Yadhavas and his pirattis.

In Pate Dwaraka, the moolavar is Dwarakanathji, who’s discovered along with Sangu and Chakkaram in Nindra thirukkolam. In his heart, Sri Lakshmai is found and separate sannadhis for Kalyanarayar Krishnan, Thiruvikrama moorthy, Sri Lakshmi Narayanar, Devaki, Jambavathi and Rukmani are determined.

The temple is opened for worship from 5 Am within the morning and all the Alangarams (exclusive ways of dressings) for the perumal are finished infront of the bhaktas itself. In the morning, Dwaraknathji is dressed as a small child, after which as a king and after that as an antique elderly sage. Ekantha seva and Thirumanjanam (bath gives to the perumal with holy waters) are executed.

About 2 Kms from Dwaraka, there may be a separate temple for Rukmani is observed, where the idol is made of white marble in standing pose and the idol is said to be very lovely.


The Moolavar of this Dwaraka divyadesam is Kalyana Narayanan. He is also called with the names as Dwarakadesam and Dwarakanathji. Prathyaksham for Droupadhi, Kuchelar, Sathyabama, Rukmani, Arjunar and many others. Moolavar in Nindra Thirukkolam dealing with his thirumugham in the direction of west direction.


The thaayar of this kshetram is Kalyana Naachiyar. She is also known as as Lakshmi Shree. Along together with her, Rukmani piratti, Ashtamagashis additionally visible as pirattis on this sthalam.

The Dwarkadhish Temple placed at Dwarka on Gomti creek , Gujarat is one of the 108 Divya Desam Temple of Lord Vishnu . Dwarkadish is some other name of Lord Krishna that means the ‘Lord of Dwarka’. The 5-storey high temple is built on seventy- pillars. The temple spire is 78.3m (235 ft) excessive. From the temple dome waves an eighty-four foot long multicolored flag adorned with the symbols of the solar and moon.

The shrine dealing with Dwarkadhish is dedicated to Devaki, the mom of Lord Krishna. Next to this shrine is a temple committed to Veni-madhava (Lord Vishnu). Behind the main temple inside the eastern part of the temple compound are shrines of Radhikaji, Jambavati, Satyabhama and Lakshmi. There are also shrines of Saraswati and Lakshmi-Narayana. Book Tour Package to Sri Kalyana Narayana Perumal Temple Dwarka.

Sri Kalyana Narayana Perumal temple is a well-known Hindu temple in India. It is located at Dwaraka city in Jamnagar district, Gujarat. The Shankar Mutt is also located within the temple complicated. This temple become constructed for the duration of the sixteenth century. The five storeys of this Indian temple are constructed on 72 pillars. The top of the temple tower is 235 toes. The shrine of this temple is referred to as  ”Jagat Mandir” or “Nija Mandir”.

The sannathi of Rukmani is ready 4 km away, at the financial institution of  Bhagirathi river, at the way to Okha. It is said that right here, Krishna married Rukmani. This is also one of the 7 Mukthi Kshetrams. It is stated that if all and sundry worships right here, they may be loose from guilt and are preserved from harm. The idol is given Neyvedhyam together with chocolates, butter, end result and many others.This is known as Bogh. Devotees additionally provide Bogh to fulfill their promises(Vows).

Bet Dwaraka is ready three KM from Okha port. The Okha port is located approximately 30 km north of Dwarka. There turned into a palace for the queens of Krishna and there is also a temple for Krishna and his queens. There are many other Hindu temples in this island for Krishna, Hanuman and Shiva. At Bet Dwaraka, the deity is dressed up as a child, a king and as an vintage sage regular and Thirumanjanam is likewise carried out normal.

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