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Sri Kaatkarai Appa Perumal Temple -Thirukatkarai ,Kerala

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Thirukkadkarai Katkarayappan Temple is a Vaishnava temple located in Thirukkadkarai (English: Thrikkakara) in the Ernakulam (Cochin) district of Kerala. It is one of the 108 Divinities, the most important Vaishnava temples for Vaishnavism. It is one of the few temples dedicated to Vamana Murthy, one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The temple is circular in Kerala style. The temple is said to have been built by Parasurama.
This is the place where the demon king Mahabali emperor Mahavishnu took the form of a dwarf and was crushed to the ground. This is the first temple where the Onam festival is celebrated.
Although the king of the Malayalam nation, Mahabali, belonged to the Asurar clan, he maintained good governance and gained a reputation among the people of his country. He suddenly had the idea of ​​bringing the three worlds under his rule. For this he began to conduct a great feud with the Asura clan chief Sukracharya.

Indra, the king of Indraloka, who was afraid that his Indra position would be snatched away by the Mahabali-led Velvi, decided to stop the Velvi somehow. First, he consulted with Brahma, took Brahma with him and appealed to Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu, hearing what they were saying, stopped the vengeance of Mahabali and sent both of them to save the three worlds.

Mahavishnu came to earth in the form of a three-foot-tall dwarf, carrying an umbrella in one hand and a mandala in the other. Then Mahabali went to the place where the velvi was conducted and went and stood in the line of those who were standing there to receive the donation. The donation was over before his turn came.

Mahabali, who was there, looked at Vamana and said, ‘You have arrived late. It’s okay, just ask what you want and I’ll give it to you. ’

Vamaner asked him to donate three feet of land measuring his feet. Sukracharya, who was there at the time, said, ‘Mahavishnu has come in the form of Vamana with the intention of stopping our vengeance. So don’t be disappointed by donating, ”he warned Mahabali.

But Mahabali, in defiance of that warning, said that he would receive the kamandala water from Vamana’s hand and donate it. Sukracharya, who wanted to prevent it, transformed into a beetle and blocked the way to the water of the galaxy. Vamana immediately took a darpai grass and pierced Sukracharya’s eye. So Sukracharya, who was in the form of a wounded beetle, came out of the galaxy.

Mahabali received the kamandala water from Vamana and prepared to donate it to the land. Immediately, Vamanar’s appearance became enormous, measuring the earth with one foot and the sky with another. Then he asked Mahabali, ‘Where is the land to place the third foot?’

Amazed at this, Mahabali worshiped Lord Vishnu in the form of Vamana and said, “Put their third foot on my head.” Vamana did the same and pressed Mahabali into the ground.

Then Mahabali said, ‘Lord! I am proud of my country and my people. Give me the opportunity to see the people of my country once a year. ‘ Mahavishnu, who appeared in the form of Vamana, also gave him the boon he asked for.

According to some sources, the Thirukkadkarai temple was built on the spot where Lord Mahabhish Vamana appeared and destroyed the Mahabali king.

On the other hand, it is said that after the destruction of Mahabali, Sage Kapila wanted to see Mahavishnu in the form of a dwarf, and in order to fulfill his wish, Mahavishnu appeared here in the form of a dwarf, and the temple was located at the place where Kapil appeared.

This sthala Emperumaan, Kaatkarai Appan is worshipped via the people treating him because the Hamsam of Vaamanar. They take a completely huge utsavam for this perumal at some point of the Onam festival.

Kerala is well-known for Bananas and specifically for a particular typed by using named “Nenthiram”. This banana has a closer dating with this sthala perumal. Once, a bhaktar of the perumal, had a large land where the banana timber are planted. But, it doesnt deliver him any yield and doesnt provide him any bananas. The devotee at that felt that it might be a few wrong factor he would possibly have executed and as a result of this most effective, the bushes aren’t giving him the proper yield. So, he decided, the sight of the perumal fell on banana timber and from that time, it gave him lots of yield. Seen by way of the Kaatkarai appan’s Nethira eyes, the yield turned into very high and because of this, the bananas are named as “Nethiram Pazham”.

The Golden bananas which might be committed in the direction of Kaatkarai appan misplaced sooner or later and the king on listening to this, blammed for the lost on a Yogi, who doesnt understand some thing approximately it. He punished the yogi and treated him badly. But, the golden bananas had been found inside the Garbhagriham of Moolavar sannadhi. On knowing this, the Yogi were given indignant and gave the sabham for the time, given that he became stuck because the thief handiest due to the time and after giving the sabham, he suicided and dead. But, his soul doesnt go away the sector but it turned into a Brahma Raatshasan and roamed inside the international.

To get out of the Sabham, as cautioned by using himself (the Yogi who is in the shape of the Raatshasan), built a bamboo roof and destroyed it using the hearth on this sthalam and thereby from the brilliant hearth that comes out from the bamboo might journey away the sabham of the Yogi. After this, they all did the equal element suggested by means of the Yogi to journey away the sabham. As a result of this, a small temple become constructed for the Yogi and day by day poojas are accomplished to make him cool. This is one of the purana (older) records told approximately this sthalam.

Kaatkarai Appan gave his prathyaksham for Kapila munivar. Kapila munivar was born as as the son for Karthama Prasapathi and Devabhoothi and he is said to be the hamsam of Vishnu. He defined the Gnana thathuvam for his mother itself. He turned into given area to do his daily Tapas by means of Samuthira rajan.

Once, Indiran grabbed the pony of Sakaraas and tied the horse at the back of the hut of Kapila muni. Thinking that Kapila muni has made a robbery of taking the horse towards himself, the Sakaraas blammed upon Kapila muni. But, on listening to the blamming phrases from them, he got indignant and made them into ash through his firing imaginative and prescient.

After this, Bakeerathan, were given the Ganga water from Lord Shiva and poured at the ash of Sakaraas to cause them to to get the mukthi. Having this sort of greatness character is Kapila muni, who become given the prathyaksham of the perumal.

The Moolavar of this sthalam is Kaatkarai Appan. Moolavar is found in Nindra Kolam going through his thirumugham alongside the south course. Prathyaksham for Kapila munivar. The Thaayar located in this sthalam is Perunselva Naayaki. Also referred to as as “Vaathsalya valli”. Pushkarani: Kapila Theertham. Vimanam: Pushkala Vimaanam.

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