Saneeswara Temple

Sri Kaalamegha Perumal Temple -Thiru Moghur ,Madurai.

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Kalamegha perumal kovil is among one of the pandiya naatu divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas. There are four prakarams to the temple. The moolavar is Kalaamegha perumal in nindra thirukolam and in same posture like Varadharaja perumal of kanchipuram with gadhe in left hand and right hand as if blessing the devotees. The utsavar is Thirumogur aapthan. The utsavar here is found with pancha aayudams. There are sculptures of Lord Kondanda Ramar, Sita, Lakshma, Kamadevan and Rathidevi in the Garuda mandapam of the temple.

The specialty of the temple is the presence of Chakratalwar with 16 hands and each hand holding a different weapon. There is Lord Narasimha behind chakratalwar with shanku chakra. There are 154 alphabets carved in the 6 circles and there are pictures of 48 gods. Chakratalwar is found in Prathyaaletha posture that implies that the readiness to help devotees at all times.

The place got its name as moghur due to the Mohini avatharam taken by Lord Vishnu to ensure that the devas got the amrutham that came out of the churning of the ocean rather than the asuras so that the devas get back the lost power. It is believed that a drop of amrutham fell into the temple tank and hence it is also known as periya thirupaarkadal and siriya thirupaarkadal.

There is one more perumal sannadhi with the lord giving darshan in Prathana Sayana thirukolam on adisheshan with Sridevi and Bhoomidevi thayaar praying at the Lord’s feet. An interesting feature is that adishesan has thanga kavacham and this form of the Lord was prior to the Lord taking Mohini avatharam.

Mohanavalli, the mother of Ithalattu, does not walk the streets even during festivals. Hence the devotees also call this mother ‘Padi Thandap Pathini’.

Usually, at the school-going Perumal Sannidhi, the lady is seen wiping Tirumal’s feet with her hands. But here it is rare for a bride and groom to sit in front of the morning as small children sit at the feet of the bride.

Kalamekaperumal is in Ithalat as Nathan who bestows the boon due. However, Chakratahlvare is the believer of the devotees here. Behind him is Yoga Narasimhar. The number of devotees worshiping this wheelbarrow is increasing as all the dangers like diseases, evil, voodoo, witchcraft and harassment of enemies are eliminated.

Who took the guide to Vaikuntha. The wheelbarrow with magical characters is the only one here. Highlights of the temple: Chakradharvar Sudarsana feature Although there is a Chakradharvar in all the Perumal temples, he is depicted here with sixteen arms in sixteen arms. Magical spells and spinning tricks are found only here. Chakratahlvar poses with Yoga Narasimha on the back. This system is called Narasimha Sudarsana.

The venerated machine of the wheelbarrow with magical characters is also said to have the ability to eliminate professionalism, the ability to defeat enemies and the lust of the eye. Spatial Pride: This place is one of the Hundred and Eight Vaishnava Divine Lands. Perumal here is the one who gave Motsam to Nammazhvar. Who took the guide to Vaikuntha.

Site where Perumal Mohini incarnated. Called Mohini Shethram. Sthala Purana: The gods and demons together drink nectar in Tirupati. Then there was a fight between them. The asuras harass the gods. Unable to bear the harassment of the monsters, the gods went to Perumal and appealed to him, and Perumal took the form of Mohini and waited for the gods. The town was renamed as Thirumonavoor and later as Thirumokur due to the incarnation of Perumal Mohini.

The main deity (moolavar) is kalamegaperumal in panchayudha kolam and in a standing posture, thayar – mogavalli. thala viruksham – vilvam and vimanam – kethaki vimanam. the prathanasayana appearance of the main deity is not found anywhere in 108 divya desam temples.

Thirumokur is located on the Madurai-Melur road in the Madurai district, about 1 km from Ottakkarai. Ithalam is located 10 km northeast of Madurai.

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