Saneeswara Temple

Sri Imayavar Appan Temple, Tiruchenkundrur, (Tiruchittraru), Azhapuzha, Kerala.

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Moolavar: Imayavarappan
Amman / Thayar: Sengamalavalli
Sthala Virutcham (Tree):
Theertham(Holy water): Sanga Theertham, Chittraru
Agamam / Poojas:
Praised by: Saint Nammazhwar in his Mangalasasanam hymn says, Imayavar Appan Lord of the celestial world is my Appan-Lord too. He creates, sustains and destroys the world. His abode is in the midst of all pleasant environment filled with water sources where fishes are playing. It is Tiruchengundrur on the banks of Tiruchittraru. Who else except Him would come to protect me.

There are a total of 108 temples known as the Divya Desams (compiled by the Mangalas) sung by the Alvars in the Four Thousand Divine Prabhupada, a collection of Alwar hymns. Of these, 105 temples are located in the Indian subcontinent and 1 (Salakgram) in Nepal. The other two are Paramapatham (Vaikuntham) and Thiruparkadal, which are simulated as the celestial abodes of Vishnu. These are also called Vaishnava Tirupatis.

Tiruchengkunnur is one of the 108 Vaishnava temples. Ithalam, also known as the Tiruchirappalli Mahavishnu Temple, was sung by Nammazhvar. It is located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala and is considered to have been built by Daruma among the Pancha Pandavas in the Mahabharata. It is believed that Dharman came to Italam after the war to repent, thinking that Daruma had lied to kill Dronacharya in the Mahabharata war, and that Dharman had rebuilt Italam and the emperor here because Daruman had renewed the then ruined Italam. The lord of this temple is depicted as Imayavarappan on the west facing pillar. The place may have been special many years before Daruman came here. It is rumored that the Imayas (gods) gathered here to perform penance for Tirumala and that the name “Imayavarappan” was given to the Lord by Tirumala. Goddess: Sengamalavalli. Theertham: Small river. Plane: Joins the organization called Jagajothi Plane. The song is sung in 10 verses by Nammazhvara alone.

The deities all gathered together and prayed in remembrance of Vishnu. Mahavishnu appeared and blessed them in the same place. Tiruchirappalli (Tiruchengunnur) Vishnu Temple near Chengannur, Alappuzha District, Kerala is one of the famous temples dedicated to Daruma, one of the proud Pandavas.

Head History:
On the fifteenth day of the Mahabharata war, Drona fought fiercely against the Pandava army. Seeing this, Krishna summoned Bhima to bring him down and killed the elephant named Asuvattama which belonged to the king of Malavanadu and told him only to say ‘Asuvattama was killed’.

He also told Daruma to say, “Aswattama was killed.” The giver, however, refused, saying that he could not lie to himself.

Immediately Krishna said, ‘Daruma, do not lie, say aloud‘ Asuvattama was killed ’and then slowly say‘ Asuvattama is the elephant ’, that is enough’. Daruma also accepted it.

According to Krishna, Bhima also killed an elephant named Asuvattama and said aloud ‘Asuvattama was killed’. Although Drona was shocked to hear what Beamon said, he did not believe what Beamon said. Believing that Daruma would not lie, Drona looked at Daruma and asked, “Was my son Ashwattama killed in battle?”

As Krishna had said, Daruma also shouted ‘Asvattama was killed’ and softly said ‘The elephant named Asvattama was killed’. Daruma’s soft words did not fall on Drona’s ears. Dronaer thought that his son Ashwattaman was dead and dropped the weapon he was holding. After that, Dronaer was easily killed.

After the end of the Mahabharata war, Daruma’s grief over whether he had become a cause of Drona’s death remained. Daruma, who wanted to get rid of it and achieve peace of mind, came to Kerala with his brothers. Then, he saw an ancient Vishnu temple there. According to the history of the temple, he renovated the temple and attained peace of mind.

It is said that the Vishnu temple, which was renovated by Daruma, was formerly the place where Vishnu appeared to all the deities. There is a pre-historical story for that too.

Surabathman, who received many boons from Lord Shiva, used his gifts to bring various sufferings to the gods and sages. So the anxious devas went to Lord Shiva and appealed to him. Lord Shiva sent them back saying that he could not punish him for misusing the gift he had given and that if he went to Vishnu and appealed, he would show you the right way.

Following this the gods all gathered together on the planet. Then all together they began to repent towards Vishnu. Vishnu, pleased with their united prayer, appeared there. Lord Itala was nicknamed ‘Imayavarappan’ which means ‘Father of the Gods’ as he appeared in the place where the gods (Imayas) came together.

When Vishnu heard of the boons given by Lord Shiva to Lord Surabaya, he asked Lord Murugan to destroy Lord Sooraba. Murugapperuman completely destroyed the demonic forces of Surabathman by his dissent. Surapadmana, who appeared and fought in various guises, succeeded in destroying each and every appearance, and finally, splitting the monster that appeared to be a mammoth into two, turning one into a servant and the other into a peacock, setting both of them as his flag and vehicle.

Temple structure:

Lord Itala Imaya Varappan is standing towards the west with four arms. In one of the two arms on the right is the wheel, and in the other is the sandalwood flower. He is holding a club in one of his left hands and a story weapon lying on the ground in the other. The mother here is called ‘Sengamalavalli’.

The temple complex also has private shrines for Kosala Krishnan and Dharmasastha. The dizziness is palpable. On the way to the temple, on the right side, there is a pool called ‘Sanguthirtham’.

Situated on the banks of the Tiruchirappalli River, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu on all special days. According to the Malayalam calendar, the month of Pisces (Panguni) begins with the flag hoisting on Hastam Star Day and ends on the star day of Thiruvonam with ‘Arattu’ which is celebrated for ten days. Similarly, the Dasavatara festival is held for ten days starting from Ashtami Rohini day in the month of Singam (Avani). These days the ten forms of Vishnu are made of sandalwood and worshiped. The festival features traditional Malayalam dances including Sakkiyar Koothu and Kodiyattam.

Apart from this, Bhagavata Upanyasam is celebrated for seven days in the month of Tanu (Markazhi), Ashtami Rogini Day in the month of Madam (Chithirai) and Vaikunda Ekadasi Day in the month of Tanu (Markazhi). Similarly, special worships are performed at the temple on the days of the Capricorn Zodiac Puja.

Those who are remorseful, confused and seeking peace of mind by thinking of the wrong deeds they have done can come to this temple and worship the Lord and get peace of mind and tranquility. Apart from these, devotees also come to the temple for worship to get rid of fear, get rid of diseases, get good health and remove obstacles. Milk is offered to the devotees in this temple.

The temple is open daily from 5 am to 10 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Highlights of the temple:

  • This temple is one of the 108 Vaishnava shrines.
  • Nammazhvar Itala has sung 11 hymns in praise of the Lord.
  • This temple is also known as ‘Darumar Kovil’, ‘Darumachetram’ and ‘Daruma Ambalam’ as it is a temple that was renewed and worshiped by the Panchapands for peace of mind.
  • Ithalam, also known as ‘Tiruchengunnur’ in the hymn sung by Nammazhvar, is also known as ‘Tiruchiraru’ after the stream that flows near the temple.

After the Mahabharata war, the Pancha Pandavas, Daruma, Beaman, Archunan, Nakulan and Sakadevan, were saddened by some of the mistakes they had made. Relieving themselves from that burden, they came to Kerala to seek peace of mind and to renovate and worship the old Mahavishnu temples without proper maintenance.

Accordingly, Daruma – Tiruchirappalli (Tiruchengunnur) Imayavarappan temple, Beaman – Tiruppuliyur Mayapiran temple, Archunan – Thiruvaranvilai Parthasarathy temple, Nakulan – Thiruvananthapuram Pambanayappan temple, Sakadevan – Thirukkaditham (Thirukkodittanam) temple was won by Arputha Narayana. Renovated by the Panchapandis, these five temples are known as ‘Anjambalam’ in Kerala.

Chengannur is located in Alappuzha district in the state of Kerala.
Thrichittatt , Chengannur, Alappuzha, kerala.

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