Saneeswara Temple

Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple-Thirukkandiyur,Trichirapalli.

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The Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple is devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu in Thirukandiyur, a village in the suburbs of Thiruvayaru in Tamil Nadu, South Indian state. It is one of the 108 Divyadesam dedicated to Vishnu, who is worshipped as Hara Saabha Vimochana, and as Kamalavalli, his consort Lakshmi. Brahma, the Hindu god of creation and Shiva, the Hindu god of death, initially had five heads according to Hindu mythology. Parvathi, Shiva ‘s wife once got confused and did patha pooja (feet ablution, considered an act of respect) to Brahma instead of Shiva. Shiva became angry and chopped one of Brahma ‘s heads off. The cut head had been trapped in Shiva ‘s hand because of a Brahma spell. To get rid of the guilt, Shiva worshipped Vishnu as Bhikshadana at Thirukarambanur, where part of his guilt had been relieved. After visiting Vishnu at Thirukandiyur and taking a holy dip inside the temple tank, Kamala Pushkarani, he got his curse absolutely relieved. After Vishnu removed Shiva ‘s sin (saabha) also called Hara (vimochana), the temple is named Hara Saabha Vimochana Temple. The tank came to be identified as Kapala Theertham after the incident (kapala means skull). Shiva was pleased, and he built the temple of Hara Sabha Vimochana, and he built a temple near it for himself.

As was the case with another legend, Lakshmi, Vishnu’s consort asked Shiva to cut off one of Brahma ‘s heads as she feared Vishnu would neglect her and show all his love for Brahma. Sage Bhrigu, King Mahabali and Chandra (Moon) all had their sins forgiven here in the temple to worship Vishnu. Sage Bhrigu, once willed to challenge Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva’s supremacy.

In rage he kicked Vishnu in his chest and there he was relieved of the sin. By worshipping Hara Saabha Vimochana Perumal, Chandra, who sinned by seducing the wife of the preceptor, got partially relieved of it. Only based on this plot, there were separate Sannadhis at Kadhambanoor, Uthamar Koil, for Sriman Narayanan and Brahma devan. Similar to this temple is a temple for the Lord shiva which is adjacent to this temple and opposite it. The temple is named “Brahma Koil Sirakandeeswarar.” Siram stands for head. Since Brahma devan sabham (Kandanam in Tamil) has been warned in this sthalam the sthalam is called “Kandiyoor.”

Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchanapperumal is the Moolavar of this temple. Moolavar facing the East in a Standing posture. At Agathiya Munivar, Prathyaksham. Kamala valli Thaayar is an ambal of this temple. The theertham located in front of this temple is called “Bhali Theertham” and the “Kabbalah Theertham” is named in the west. The Gopuram Raja is subdivided into 3 thalam. The seva is granted to both Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar and Chakkratalwar both in the same place. As in front and back. Since Narasimmar is behind the wall, worshipping him cannot be permitted.

One can only worship Chakratalwar. This sthalam’s temple is 222 feet long, and 115 feet wide in diameter. This temple’s vimaanam would imitate the lotus flower. The Ursavars found in this temple are both Sandhaana Gopalan and Navaneedha krishnan. Kamalam: Lotus. Since the Kshetram is also called Kamala shetram, Kamala Pushkarani is the pushkarani, Kamalanathan is the utsavar, and Kamala valli is the thayar, this temple is said to be constructed along with Panja Kamala route. Panja means 5. The sculpture of Brahma devans is taken out and, along with saraswathi devi, it is kept inside the temple of shiva and Lord shiva is kept where the sculpture of the Brahma used to be mounted. Since Lord Shiva had the Brahmahathi dosham, the sculpture of Lord Brahma has been held inside the temple of Shiva. There is a sannadhi for Sri Vedantha Desikar on the south side of this temple but there is no utsavar available.

The temple conducts four main festivals, namely the Panguni Brahmmotsavam in Panguni (March – April), Aipasi Pavithra Utsavam in Aipasi Vaikunta Ekadashi in Margazhi (December – January), and Karthikai Deepam in Karthikai (November – December).

Contact: Archagar (K.S.Murali – 9840179416)

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