Saneeswara Temple

Sri Deiva Naayaga Perumal Temple-Thiru Devanaar Thogai,Seergazhi

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Sri Deiva Naayaga Perumal Temple
mathava perumal,

Moolavar Theivanayaka Perumal, facing west direction,
standing posture
Uthsavar Madhava Perumal
Thayar Kadalmagal Naachiyar, Madhava nayaki
Theertham Shobana Pushkarini
Vimanam Shobana Vimaanam

Thiruthevanarthogai Madhava Perumal Divyadesam where the ALMIGHTY blessing in HIS Kalyana Thirukkolam – Wedding Posture,is located just 3 km from Thiruvellakulam Divyadesam familiarly known as Annakoil and 4 km from Thiruvan Purusothamam Divyadesam. This Divyadesam is believed to be where Lord Maha Vishnu married Thayar Maha Lakshmi, who emerged from Thiruparkadal, when the Devas and Asuras were churning the Parkadal to get the Nectar
It is believed that Lord Narayana married Goddess Lakshmi Devi , she emgered out of Thiruparkadal, which is supposedly located in this temple. As all the devas , rishis (celestial body ) came in a group to this place, this place is named as Thiru devanar thogai. This is situated on the banks of the river Manni. It is believed that by having a darshan of Lord Perumal, unmarried persons get married soon and childless couples get the boon of child birth. It is also believed that this place is fully graced by the great celestial falls. Hence the shadow of the Vimaanam falls within the range of the Vimaanam (temple tower) itself.

This temple represent the union of the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
In the temple, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi appear in the marriage pose,the Vimaanam and Pushkarani are named Shobana Vimaanam and Shobana Pushkarani respectively. Also this is place of homage to the celertial persons and the pushkarani isalso named as Devashaba Pushkarani. Among the Saptha rishis, Vashista, who is the son of the Lord Brahma, is considered as the top –ranking person. So Lord Deiva Nayagan gave dharsan to this great Rishi as young married couple. The idols of Thaayar and Perumal are of small size only.

It is situated on the South bank of river Manni. Since Devas came here as a group and worshipped Perumal along with Goddess Lakshmi in their Marriage Attire, the temple is worshipped as Thiru Thevanar Thogai, Thevanar means Devas Thogai means a group of people. As this Divyadesam was graced by Devas, the shadow of the vimanam falls within itself and not falls down over the sanctum sanctorum. Being the ALMIGHTY in HIS Kalyana Thirukkolam, temple theertham is called as Shobana Theertham and Vimanam as Shobana Vimanam. Moolavar is being worshipped as Deivanatha Perumal where as Utsava Murthy is worshipped as Madhava Narayanan. Thayar name is Kadal Magal Nachiyar and Utsavar Thayar is Madhava Nayagi. Prathyaksham was given to Vashista Mahirishi. Moolavar here is believed equal to Nithya Kalyana Perumal of Thiruvidanthai, one among the Thondainadu Divyadesams.

Thiruthevanarthogai Divyadesam is the temple where the devotees, who look for marriage will get married quickly and the childless couples will get blessed with good children.
Contact: Archagar (Chakravarthy – 9566931905)

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