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Thiruninravur Bhagwatsala Perumal Temple is one of the 108 Vaishnava temples in Thiruninravur. The town got the name ‘Thiruninravur’ because the angry lady came and stayed with Samudra Rajan
At the place where the angry mother came with Samuthira Rajan, when Samuthira Rajan had to come back to the mother, he tried to persuade her in various ways by saying ‘Mother who received me’. For this reason Mother Thirunam was called ‘Mother who received me’. As his mother was not at peace, Samuthira Rajan went back and asked Perumal for help.

The originator of this temple is Bhagavatsala Perumal (Bhattaraviperumal). There are separate shrines for Mother, Perumal and Andal, Chakratahlvar, Adiseshan, Vishwaksenar (Chief of Army), Twelve Alvars and Ramanujar and Manavala Mamunis.

Before Thirumangaiyalwar could not sing the song, his mother sent Perumala to fetch the song. By the time of the arrival of Bhagavatsala Perumal, Thirumangaiyalvar had crossed the Thiruvidanthai Tiruthala and reached Thirukkadalmalai (Mamallapuram). There to sing a song for Thiruninravur Perumal, the mother who saw that Bhagwatsala Perumal who came back with the song only got one song, to send back to see if there was one for us to have more song for other revisions, in the meanwhile Thiruninravur Perumal (Bhagwatsala Perumal) who had come to Thirukinnamangai came back and made Mangalasa with one eye!

Here, Perumal is seen on the east-facing trunk. The plane here is the Utpala plane. Those who saw the vision of Perumal were Samuthirarajan and Varun. Pavurnami, Uttiram, Thiruvonam, Friday and Saturday are special days.

Legend has it that when Kuberan lost his money, he worshiped his mother and got her back. Here the mother is the Vaibavalatsumi who gives all the blessings. The sanctum sanctorum is a special place. It is believed that Rahu-Ketu and Sarpa Tosham will be removed and Mangalya will be beneficial if the shrine is consecrated on Wednesdays with neon lights and milk powder.

Source: Bhagwatsalapperumal
Ursavar: Bhattaraviperumal
Mother / Mother: Sudhavalli as my adopted mother
Headache: Parijatham
Theertham: Varuna Pushkarani
Dedication: Samudra Rajan, Varun
Aakam / Pooja: Pancharatra Aakam
Antiquity: 1000-2000 years ago
Name: Thiruninravur Sri Bhagwatsala Perumal Temple
Mythical name: Thinnanur
Town: Thiruninravur
District: Tiruvallur

It is hoped that the ban will be lifted if those who have a marriage ban come here. There is a shrine for Adiseshan and it is believed that if he is worshiped, Rahu-Ketu and Sarpa Tosham will depart and Mangalya will benefit.

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