Saneeswara Temple

Sri Athpudha Narayana Perumal Temple-Thirukkadithaanam,Kerala.

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This sthalam is determined next to Senganancheri, that’s discovered near to Kottayam in Kerala. This temple can be reached by using traveling from Thiruvalla to Kottayam getting down at Senganancheri. From there, by using journeying around 2 miles in East, we can reach this sthalam. There is not any staying facility, to go to this sthalam, we ought to live in Thiruvalla (or) Senganancheri.

The speciality of this sthalam is that this sthalam is stated to be worshipped and constructed via Sahadevan, one among the Pandavas.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthalam is said to be worshipped and built through Sahadevan, one a few of the Pandavas. This sthala perumal, Athpudha Narayanan gave his seva (prathyaksham) for Rukmaangadhan, who’s one of the king of Sooriya Vamsam (technology). He had a extraordinary concept for the sector humans and worked for his or her life.

He greeted all of the Gnanis, Yogis and bhaktaas of Vishnu and gave them proper appreciate and happy their desires. On hearing this, Vasishta Maharishi advised approximately the outstanding individual of Rukmaangadhan to Indiran. To test the awesome man or woman, Indiran ship Naradhar to Rukmaangadhan.

Rukmaangadhan welcomed Naradhar and gave him lots of admire through doing Padha poojas and weared him with a unique garland which had a weird flowers in that. Naradhar getting the right respect from him, left that place. By blessing him.

Naradhar went to Indira lokam with the garland that is given through Rukmaangadham. On seeing the beauty and the smell that came out fromt he flower, Indiran turned into very lots attracted via it and ordered his infantrymen to get the flower from the Garden of Rukmaangadhan. As ordered through Indiran, the soldiers every day stole the plant life from the Garden and gave it to Indiran.

Rukmaangadhan turned into amazed to look the vegetation being plucked and placed a few squaddies to test who’s stealing the flora. But, the deva loka infantrymen, without being seen with the aid of the squaddies positioned in lawn, stealed the plant life. The lawn soldiers fired a few garlic plant life to get the light, so that the use of the mild, they can without problems trap the person who is stealing the plant life.

The scent of Garlic is stated to have the person of minimising the sakthi of Gods. At this level, the smoke of that came out of the Garlic flowers blended with the air and all of the infantrymen of Indiran misplaced their powers and the soldiers inside the garden also misplaced their power and due to this, they have been stuck and in the end they stated that they belong to Indira lokam and defined all of the things. On hearing this, Rukmaangadhan didnt get angry, rather gave them proper recognize and treated them properly. But, Simultaneously all of the soldiers, Devars in Deva lokam lost their strength and that day is stated to Ekadesi day. All of them requested atleast minimal quantity of credit from the person that is doing fasting on Ekadesi. Rukmaangadhan searched for someone who’s fasting on Ekadesi. But, he could not discover now not even a unmarried one.

Finally, a girls who led her life with the aid of washing garments of the village peoples fought together with her husband and due to this, she didnt have her meals for the day. Without knowing the day is Ekadesi, she did the fasting. He defined all of the matters to her and requested her to present the credit of the viradham, there by supporting the devars of Deva lokam. She additionally well-known it and gave one a part of her viradham to them and to regain their power. Rukmaangadhan thanked the ladies and gave masses of treasured ornaments and cash to her. Thus, thru Rukmaangadhan, Sriman Narayanan explains the greatness of Ekadesi Viradham.

The Moolavar found in this sthalam is Athpudha Narayanan. He is also named as “Amirutha Narayanan”. He is found in Nindra Thirukkolam facing his Thirumugham along the east direction. Prathyaksham for Rukmaangadhan.The Thaayar of this sthalam is Karpagavalli. Pushkarani: Bhoomi Theertham. Vimanam: Punniya koti Vimaanam.
Devotees pray for victory and Moksha in the matter taken. Nerthikkadan- Perumal and his mother are getting married.

This temple Perumal is said to receive new energy once in sixty years and to turn into light at the end of Kaliyuga and enter the sky.

There are separate shrines for Narasimhan, Krishna and Chandran located at Italam. Sakadevan built the Krishna Sanctuary here. Therefore, the people of the area call this site the site built by Sakadevan. There is an inscription on the wall of the temple. We can know that this place existed at the time when our Tamil language was in disk format. This is one of the safest things you can do. A book written in the Kashmiri language states that three of the 15 greatest Krishna temples in India are immediately liberating and that this place is the most important. Ithalam is sung in 11 hymns by Nammazhvara alone.

Thirukkadithanam or Thirukkodithanam is one of the 108 Vaishnava revisions. Ithalam sung by Nammazhvara is located on the road from Kottayam to Thiruvalla in the state of Kerala.

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