Saneeswara Temple

Sri Andalakkum Ayyan Perumal Temple-Adhanoor ,Kumbakonam

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Sri Aandu Alakkum Ayan Perumal Temple near Kumbakonam is one of the 108 Divya Desams.Devoted to Lord Vishnu. Andalakkun ayyan temple here is one of the Vaishnava navagraha parihara sthalams round Kumbakonam. It is a Guru parihara sthalam. The major deity in this temple is Andalakkumayyan. He is present here going through East in Kidantha Kolam and Bhujanga sayanam. He has been worshipped right here through Brighu Maharishi, Kamadhenu, Thirumangai Azhwar and Agni. His consort here is Ranganayaki Thayar also referred to as Kamalasini.The utsavar is Ranganathar.

Actually in Tamil, “Pasu ” means cow. Kaamadhenu which is known to be a Divine cow is stated to be proper to present all sorts of wealth. During Kurma Avatharam taken with the aid of Lord Vishnu, all sorts of top things come out of it, which is used to the sector. One of these matters is Kaamadhenu, which is proficient to Indiran, the king of swargaLokam.

 Adanur means Kamadhenu ‘s -hometown, ‘AHA’ which means Kamadhenu.

The lord who’s supposed to be the Paramaathma, resides (Uraiyum) in all of the hearts, that’s taken into consideration because of the place of stay of him. He is seeing all the sports of Jeevatma by going in depth to name cellular. As the seva of this God, he holds off the leaf (Olai Chuvadi) and a writing tool, he calculates the good and horrific activities of all of the Jeevathmaas and based on the activities, he is ruling the Jeevathmaas. 

Because of this cause this Emperumal is called as “Aandu Alakkum Ayan”, as he keeps Marakkal, a measuring tool which is used as the measuring tool for measuring the best and awful sports. His right hand is the hand which serves all the important things wished for the sector (Padi alakkum Kai(hand)) and left hand for writing.

The Sun that’s rising above the Earth is one of the ways he sees the arena. The rays of the sun are the Eye of the God. All the matters are taking place handiest after his eyes are opened. He isn’t always the simplest serving for the Humans, (Mankind) but also to the flowers, rivers, mountains, animals etc. By going in depth into their frame as sun rays, he’s taking them alongside their way. Not even a single mobile and its sports can get away from his Sun’s rays on this international.

Because of cause, this Kshethram is called as “Aadhavanulla Oor”, which is laterly known as “Adhanoor”. Aadhavan is solar and on the equal time as the call implies, the pushkarani here is Soorya (Soorya way Sun in tamil)pushkarani.

Another Legend for the Name Adhanoor – Kamadhenu, a divine goddess came ahead of Goddess Lakshmi from Parkadal. Hence she felt that she must be honored by everybody first and ahead of Lakshmi Devi.

Lord Paranthaman decided to teach her a lesson and gave Marakkal ( In olden days in Tamilnadu meals grains have been once measured in a Cylindrical fashioned container manufactured from wood, brass, iron and so forth … usually referred to as Padi ) and requested to fill with all of the Ayshwaryam she turned into having. 

Kamadhenu did not fill because of her envy, whereas Lord Lakshmi Devi filled the Marakkal by way of praying Lord Vishnu and simply with One Leaf of Thulasi. Kamadhenu learnt a lesson, surrendered herself to Lord Vishnu and commenced a Penance. Hence this vicinity is being worshipped as Aadhanoor – Aa Dhan Oor. Aa method Cow, Kamadhenu. Dhan approached Penance and Oor way a Residing Place.

The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Aandu Alakkum Ayan (Aandallukumayan). Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam bhujanga sayanam facing east route. Prathyaksham for Thirumangai Alwar and Kamadhenu, the Cow. Ambal on this temple is known as Ranganayaki. The Vimanam of this temple is Pranava Vimaanam.

The temple has a 3-tiered royal tower with sculptures of Camden and Kamadhenu daughter Nandini in the presence of Perumal. There are two pillars in front of Mahavishnu in Paramatman. It is said that the soul that is freed from the human body attains Moksha by embracing these two pillars. Two similar pillars are in front of Perumal’s feet and head in the Arthamandapam opposite the sanctum sanctorum at Italam.

It is customary to come in double numbers and grasp these pillars and see the feet and brow of Perumal and hope that Motsam will be available and that marriage will be for the unmarried.

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