Saneeswara Temple

Sri Aaduthurai Perumal Temple-Thirukoodalur,Kumbakonam

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Sri Aduthurai Perumal Temple or Thirukoodalur (domestically referred to as Aduthurai Perumal Temple) in Vadakara Aduthurai, a village in the outskirts of Kumbakonam within the South Indian kingdom of Tamil Nadu, is devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu. It is one of the 108 Divyadesam committed to Vishnu.Thirukoodalur Divyadesam is referred to in each Brahmanda Puranam and Padma Puranam. The presiding deity right here in Thirukoodalur is Vaiyam Kaththa Perumal – Perumal Who preserves the entire Universe and additionally worshipped as Uyyandavar and Jagath Rakshagan. This is one of the Purana Sthalam and additionally Prarthana Sthalam. The temple is the Sangama Kshetram. In this sthalam, all of the devars along with Nandhagarishi turned into the pratyaksham of Sriman Narayanan. Since they all amassed (koodi) all together, this sthalam is called “Thirukoodalur”.

There is a jackfruit tree in the back of the main sannadhi and there’s a massive conch (shanku) like formation on it this is stated to have shaped certainly while it turned into being deliberate to cut down a part of the tree for renovation purpose. The formation is protected with turmeric for identification. The temple pond is referred to as Chakra Theertham and the Vimanam is known as Suddhasathva vimanam.  The temple is the Sangama Kshetram. The Moolavar of Sri Aduthurai Perumal Temple is Sri Vayyam Katha perumal. Also named as Jeghathratshakan, Uyyavanthaar. Moolavar in Nindra Thirukkolam facing East route. Prathyaksham for Nanthaga Maharishi.  Thayaar is Padmasini (Pushpavalli) Thaayar.

After coming to this sthalam most effective, the River Cauvery regained its speciality and holiness. Koodal + oor = Koodalloor. Koodal way of joining (merging) collectively in the same region. Since Cauvery is coming collectively on this Kshetram, this Kshetram is also called as “Sangama Kshetram”. Sangamam means joined together. 

According to Hindu mythology, demon Hiranyaksha fought with mom earth and went underground, known as Patala. Vishnu becomes born as Varaha, an avatar inside the shape of a boar pierced underground. He cut up the earth into two elements and brought the 2 back to Srimushnam. Thirumangai Azhwar quotes the incident and calls the village as Pugunthaan Oor, that means the place where Vishnu went on the earth.

Since Vishnu included the arena here, he’s referred to as Jagath Rakshaka Perumal (in Tamil as Vaiyam Katha Perumal). The hole visible in the sanctum close to the picture of Jagath Rakshaka is believed to be the centre factor of earth and all devas got here collectively to worship him. Since it added all of them together, an act referred in Tamil as koodal, the village is referred to as Thirukoodalur.

As in line with Hindu legend, King Ambarisha who immersed himself inside the worship of Vishnu, didn’t improve his military and misplaced his nation. While doing worship, he additionally did not study the sage Durvasa who went alongside his way. The sage was indignant and cursed the king. The king went to Vishnu for rescue, who sent his discus to chase the sage. 

The sage surrendered to Vishnu and begged pardon. The king Ambarishan is believed to have constructed the temple and for this reason the presiding deity is also referred to as Ambarisha Varadhar at this area. 

Once upon a time, all of the Devas together with Nandhaga Rishi prayed for a dharshan to Lord Vishnu at Thirukoodalur – Sri Aduthurai Perumal Temple. Impressed with their Poojas, the Lord seemed earlier than them and gave a top notch Darshan. Everybody requested that the Lord kill Asura Hiranyaaksha. 

Lord Vishnu was very glad with their Poojas and determined to kill the Asura Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu reduced the earth, killed the Asura and reappeared, with Goddess Lakshmi, as Varaaha Moorthy (one of the 10 Avatharams of Maha Vishnu) at SriMushnam.

As all of the Lords and Devas came collectively at Thirukkoodaloor – Sri Aduthurai Perumal Temple and prayed to the Lord requesting for safety, this location has grown to be referred to as Koodalur (wherein people come together). The Lord who included the village from the Asura turned into JagathRakshakan that means “One who protects the World”. 

The Brahmotsavam festival celebrated within the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May–June) and Vaikunta Ekadasi celebrated at some stage in the Tamil month of Margazhi (December–January) are the principal festivals celebrated within the temple. Srisukta Homam, a spiritual exercise, is executed in the temple with 108 lotus leaves on complete moon days.

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