Saneeswara Temple

Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple-Azhwar Thirunagari,Tirunelveli.

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About the Temple & Location:
This sthalam is located in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. One mile far from Azhwar Thirunagari railway station that is discovered in between Tirunelveli to Tiruchendur railway lane. Boarding and lodging centers are available however no longer greater. Three miles away from Sri Vaikundam when journeying with the aid of bus.
Nammalvar is determined beneath the Tamarid tree in “Atthai Thindru – Angae Kidantha – Yoga Nilai in sitting seva.
Sthlapuranam :
In Thirunelveli district, all alongside both the edges of Tanporunai (Tamirabarani), there are nine sthalams and they’re together and popularly referred to as as “Nava Thiruppathigal”.
Thirukkurugoor is the Avathara Sthalam (beginning region) of Nammalwar. This sthalam explains his speciality and his works in the direction of Vaishnavism and because of this, the sthalam is referred to as “Azhwar Tirunagari”.

Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanan says to Brahma that earlier than generating him, he got here to Porunai river and lived there. And stated him to keep this temple as “Aadhi temple” (first and predominant temple) he must worship him. Like this he gives teaches (Ubhadesam) to Brahma as a Guru (Teacher) given that, Sriman Narayanan acts as a Guru for Brahma, this sthalam is called “Kurugoor”.

Kuru manner do that is the that means. Since, Narayanam asks Brahma to do the tapas and his workship closer to him, this sthalam is referred to as “Kurugoor”.
The Moolavar, Aadhinarayanan has very large thirumeni (body) and he got here on his personal (Suyambu) its no longer performed the Pradhishtai (installed). The toes of the Moolavar comes up inner from the Earth.

Devendran – Indiran sooner or later got out from Sabham (Sabhavimotsanam) after worshipping the Aadhinadha perumal. He got the sabaham from his mother and father because he isn’t treating them well and obeying them.
In this sthalam Lakshmanan (brother of Sri Ramar) did pradhistai (made) himself as “Tamarid tree” and in that tree Emperumaan lives in Bramacharya degree. Once, periyapiratti comes there and requested Narayanan to marry her. At that point, Narayanan converts her as a flower and put on on his frame.

In pramadhi 12 months, Vaikasi 12th day in Valarpirai – Pournami, friday, Nammalvar became born to vellalar and Udaya Nangai. When he born, he didnt cry or open his eyes and didnt drink the Mother’s milk. This is due to the fact while the Sadavaayu (Air) went in the body of Udaya Nangai, he made that now not to go into and push him out. Because of this, Nammalwar is popularly named as “Sadagopar”.

Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple, Azhwar Thirunagari
He doesnt open his eyes due to the fact he doent desired to see everyone except Sriman Narayanan, and the equal way he desires to talk best about Emperumaan, so he doesnt open his mouth to cry (or) to drink milk. His parents have been worried about him thinking he is probably retarded (Jadam). So, they brought him to Aadhinadha perumaltemple and named him as “Maaran”. At that time, ultimate his eyes, he goes close to to the Tamarid tree and sits there in Yoga level until the age of 16.

At the equal time, Madurakavi Alwar starts offevolved his Bhakthi Yaatra toward Ayodhya, Vada Madura, Gaya, Kasi, Kanchi, Avanti and Dwaraka. He was born in Tirukkoloor as an everyday Andhanar (Brahmanar) and become nicely knowledged in Sanskrits.
When he changed into traveling to Ayodhya, a flashy light arised within the sky which directed him alongside the south course. He accompanied the mild and subsequently it disappeared inside the Thirukkurugoor Aadhinadhar temple. On entering the temple Madhurakaviyaar determined and amazed at Nammalvar, being sixteen years antique child in Yana nilai (thyama Stage).
He went close to Nammalvar and made some noises to awakes him from the thyanam. Then Madhukaviyaar questiontioned Nammalvar that how the lifestyles (Aathma) stay and what it is ingesting to stay? For this, Nammalwar stated “Atthai thindru Angae Kidakkum”.
This means that the body is made from Panjabhootham (5 Universal parts). Inspite it is located in earth, it lives best by means of the thinking and revel in on Paramathma (Sriman Narayanan) and this how our lifestyles lives and it must be simplest in one of these manner.
On hearing this, Madhukaviyaar changed into so satisfied that he had got a wounderful instructor (Aasaan) and raised his hands over his head and started out to praise him in songs. At that point to open the eyes of Nammalwar, Emperumaan as “Sangu Chakradhari” along side Lakshmi samethar gave his dharshan. Along with Nammalwar, Madhurakaviyar got the dharshan of Emperumaan in Nindra Kola seva. Since, Madhurakaviyaar become capable of get the seva of Emperumaan, he assumed Nammalvar as his emperumaan and started to worship him. This is not any selfishness with Sriman Narayanan, because of this simplest his bhakthas name him as “Emperumaan” thinking he’s for them.

Like the same way, on account that Nammalwar doesnt stay for him and his thinking is continually on Narayanan, Sadagopar become named as “Nammalwar”. Nam – way ours.

Nammalwar sat under the Tamarid tree and did mangalasasanam for 35 divyadesam through his “Gnana Eye”. This Tamarid tree with some holes may be seen now, too. This tree is referred to as as “Puliyalwar”.

Swami Aathipiran & Swami Nammalwar In Alwarthirunagari
Daily Thirumanjanam is achieved under the Tamarid tree. The utsava moorthy, Nammalwar is giving his seva in Golden sannadhi (small one) in Sobhana Mandapam. Before starting the Ramayana, Kambar wrote “Sadagopar Andadhthi” through preserving down his head towards Nammalwar.

On the south mada veethi (road) Thiruvenkada mudayan – Sri srinivasar sannadhi and west mada avenue, is Thiru Aranganathan Sannadhi and on north mada avenue, Ulagaccharyar, Azhagar, Vedantha desikar, Manavala Maamunigal, Andal sannadhis are located.
The one extra speciality si Udayavar Ramanujar wears white colorations get dressed rather than carrying saffron color. (Rishis wears handiest saffron coloured dress).
The Sadaari, that’s saved on our head in all of the Vaishnava temples is said to be Thiruvadi (ft) of Emperumaan and it’s miles the Nammalwars form (or) size. He is explaining the sector that he acts as the dirt that is discovered underneath the ft of Emperumaan.
Udaya Nangai, who gave birth to Nammalwar, it turned into Sri Emperumaan who gave the Gnana to him and because of this, he accepts each of them as his mother. Because of this simplest, in all the Nava Thirupathis (total – nine), Sri Emperumaan is located along with two thaayars. (Nava Thirupathi is the sthalam is Nammlwar’s wherein did the Mangalasasanam)
Travelling a distance of 1 mile away from this sthalam, we can find “Appan Sannadhi”, where we are able to discover the sannadhi for Kaarimaran, father of Nammalwar.
Sthala Virutcham (tree) of this shtalam is Tamarind tree.
Araiyar Sevai
This is one of the 3 Divya Desams in TN wherein Araiyar Sevai, the visual song and dance enactment of the ‘Paasurams is still being performed.

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar in Sri Aadhinathan. Other names of this Perumal are Aadhippiraan, Polindhu Nindra piraan. Moolavar in Nindra Kolam facing east route.
Prathyaksham for Brahmadevar, Madhurakavi Alwar and Nammalwar.
Thaayar : 2 Thaayars – Aadhinadha Valli and Gurukoor valli and feature separate sannadhis. Pushkarani: Tamira Barani Nadhi. Vimanam: Govinda Vimaanam.

The structure with the garuda in this temple is slightly different. Lord Karuta is worshiped in all the temples with his hands folded. Only in this temple is he seen with apahastha in his hands, a serpent and a conical wheel.

The job is to take many incarnations of Barandaman and make fun of his devotees. Similarly, although Paranthaman gave the sacred task of creating life to his parama bhakta Naanmugan, he sought the help of Thirumala when Brahman was a little hesitant to do so. Accordingly, after meeting Vishnuprana and overcoming his fears, he wanted to gain power in his own business. He repented for a thousand years thinking of meeting Tirumala. Vishnu appeared before Naanmugan as a result of his severe meditation. Then at the request of Brahma he vowed to support his creative career at all times. Perumal also said that since I have now appeared to help your creative career by the power of your meditation, and that it was also the first time I had appeared in this beautiful place on the banks of the Tamiraparani River, this shrine would be known as Adichetram and my name would be Adinathan. Thirumal also said that he would like to ask Nanmugan Narayanan to explain that this shrine should be interpreted as Kurukasethram as he had taught me from the Guru.

Then Vishnu said to Brahma, “You will go to Adichetram and worship Adinath, and not only will I show you my Lord who is invisible, but I will appear in Kurukshetra for all to see.” He said he was going to do.

History of Tirupuliya Wood Sri Rama was satisfied with giving his incarnation to the world and a few days before leaving for Vaikundam, Emdarmarajah came to see Sri Rama in Ayodhya. Ramer ordered the target not to let anyone in while we were talking. At that time, the angry sage went there and the target, who was well aware of his anger, disobeyed Rama’s order and let the sage inside. Raman then treated the sage well and sent him on his way, but became angry at the target for violating his speech. After Emdarmaraj left, he looked at the target and cursed, “You are an immovable object.” Shocked, the target apologized to his brother. Remorseful Ramer said that the curse I had given him would continue. Not only for you, but for sending Sita Devi, who was innocent and pregnant in this birth, to the forest, he said that he was going to appear under the name of Sadagopan as a celibate who conquered the senses near you that would turn into a sleeping tadpole and immovable object. This sleeping tree is located on the planet as a sanctuary to the sky. Its leaves do not cover at night. Save the world from sleep. This sleeping fig tree is the incarnation of Sri Ilakuvan. Unripe Tamarind This fermented tree blooms and bears fruit, but never ripens. Thousands of years later we still get to see it. This tree, where Swami Nammazhvar performed penance, is about 5100 years old. But it is surprising that it is still prosperous today. The Perumal statues of 36 temples are engraved around this tree, which is said to be the benefit of visiting 36 Divya nations to worship here. This Gurukur place is one of the most famous places of worship for Kamber and Ramanujar. It is also the birthplace of the bridal mamuns. Correction Lord Tala Lord: Adinathan, Polindu Ninra Pran (Standing Thirukkolam) (East Saw Thirumugam) Head Goddess: Adinathavalli, Gurukurvalli (Separate shrine for mothers) Tala Theertham: Brahma Theertham, Tiruchankanni Department Flight: Govinda Vimanam Planet: Guru Sthalam. Sthala Virutcham (tree) of this shtalam is Tamarind tree.

Temple Location Arulmigu Adinathar Alwar Temple is located in the Thoothukudi district. The temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Srivaikuntam, another newcomer, and 35 km from Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli Thiruchendur Road.

There are 8 Tirupatis around Italam. This is called ‘Navathirupathi’. These neophytes are now also considered to be the sites of neoplanets. Ithalam belongs to the Guru.

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