Saneeswara Temple

Sri Thamaraiyal Kelvan Perumal Temple – Thiru Paarthanpalli, Seergazhi

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Thiru Parthinan Palli is one of the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desam. Ithalam, sung by Thirumangaiyal, is located near Sirkazhi, about 2 miles from Thiruvenkadu. You can walk from Thiruvenkadu. Thirunangur is one of the eleven Tirupatis. Parthan became a school because of the temple built for Parthan (Arjuna). There is a temple dedicated to Arjuna by Parthan. Varun wanted to make this place look like a Parthasarathy without being harsh about Tirumala, so Parthasarathy after giving it as a Parthinan Palli
Arsunan, who was on a pilgrimage alone, reached the Purasankadu forest in the south when he came to bathe in the face of the Poompuhar Sangam. When he went in search of water to quench his thirst in the forest, Agathiyar joined the Ashram and asked Agathiyar to give him water to drink from the Thirst Coastal Zone.

Kannan, who was waiting for various trials, did not think that you could not bear to hear me say that this is the leela that Kannan did, Arsunan, do not think of Kannan, Kannan, who had a vision there, scratched the earth with Arsunan’s knife, from which the water came. Arsunan quenched his thirst by drinking the water.

At Agathiyar’s request, the place where Kannan stayed was called Parthanpalli.
Lord- The lotus hearer in the twilight facing west. Goddess-Lotus heroine, mother of Sri Sengamalavalli. Theertham-Katka Pushkarani. Flight-Narayana Flight.
Once upon a time, when Lord Varuna was restless, if you want peace of mind, go to Thiruparthan School near Thirunangur and call it Ganga Theertham. Sangam Saras bathed in Pushkarani and did penance towards Perumala to get peace of mind. Varun came here and prayed formally and got peace of mind after being told that he would be saved by anyone who saw him from the side without any hindrance by any great force. Thirumal gave darshan to ten types of sons and made their lives shine as he gave grace to Varuna.
People with poor health, those who are betrayed by business, young people who are suffering from unemployment, office workers who are suffering from not being able to get a job, and old people who are hated by children and have no choice but to come to this place and spend their lives with peace of mind.
Contact: Archagar (Chakravarthy – 9566931905)

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