Saneeswara Temple

Arulmighu Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple ,Thiru Kadal Malai,Mahabalipuram.

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The Pallava kings built a beach temple where Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu lived together during their reign. At this beach temple, the Alvars performed Mangalasasana and worship services were held. Bhudevi with four thirukkaras in the headquarters of this temple, without Sridevi, is presented in a simple thirukola where there is nowhere else to lie down. But the rare scene with Ursavar Sridevi, Bhudevi is a miraculous scene that cannot be seen anywhere else.
The place was named “Mahabalipuram” after the Mahabali emperor who ruled over the place and according to a gift he received from Vamanar, one of the incarnations of Sriman Narayanan. This is one of the stories about this place.
Arulmigu Sthala Sayana Perumal Temple is located in the heart of Mamallapuram city. This is the 63rd out of 108 Vaishnava revisions. As Vaikundanathan in Thirupaarkadal, the school-going Perumal is lying on the pampana and getting rid of the sins of the devotees. But on the sea urchin, Thirumal is blessing the devotees as if they were just lying on the ground.

This is one of the places where Perumal can be seen while lying down. The temple is also a very famous destination. The temple has separate shrines for the 12 Alvars. It is especially special that Poothathalwar appeared in this temple.

Sridevi and Bhudevi are seen in the sanctum sanctorum at the foot of the temple while Sthalasana Perumal is lying down. The temple is also known as the birthplace of Poothathalwar, one of the 12 Alvars.

During the reign of Malleswaran, the 7th king of the Pallava kings in Mamallapuram, alms were given to 1000 people daily. One day Malleswaran suddenly stopped giving alms. Thus the public starved and starved.

The enraged Vaishnava servants curse him, saying, “You are unworthy to be a king who cannot satisfy the hunger of the people,” and “You will be a crocodile floating in the water.” Malleswaran lived in the water in the form of a crocodile in the Pundarika Pushkarani pond there. Then Pundarika Maharishi went there to pluck 1000 lotus petals from the pond and create for Perumal.
Sage for that, you made people hungry and starving. If you want to get rid of your curse, pluck 1000 lotus petals. ‘He also plucked. Then the sage placed 1000 lotus petals at the feet of Sthalasana Perumal who was blessing in the sea.

Then Perumal, who sounded awkward, said, “Ask what boon you want.” To which Pundarika Maharishi replied, ‘Great! I am a completely renounced sage. I have no desire. He said that all the people in this world should live in good comfort without hunger and starvation.

The curse of Malleswaran must be removed. ‘ The Lord blessed him to do the same. Later, King Malleswaran got rid of his curse and started giving alms to 1000 people again. Its history is told in detail in the Brahmanda Purana verse called Chethrakandam.

Pundarika Maharishi used to perform penance in this area which was formerly a forest. Maharishi saw a rare lotus flower with a thousand petals and intended to present it to Narayan, who had a school in Tirupati. He thought that if the sea water was pumped out of abundance of love, he could reach Tirupati and dedicate the lotus flower to the Lord. He tried to pump seawater by hand. Maharishi was stunned to see the duty of feeding the hungry and the hindrance in their zealous pursuit, asking Thirumal to take the form of an old man and try to do the impossible. The old man who came sent Maharishi to fetch food, promising that he would carry on his work until Maharishi went and fetched food. Before returning to Maharishi with food, Thirumal went to school on the ground in a lotus position. The sage who came back and had a vision worshiped and enjoyed with joy
Thus, the historically famous Pundarika Maharishi set foot in this Pushkarani boat pool, where a boat festival is held for Thalasayana Perumal on the day of Masimakam.

The inscriptions in the temple say that Lord Ulakuyya Ninra Perumal and Goddess Nilamangai Nachiyar. Ulakuyya Ninra Perumal refers to Lord Vishnu in standing form. However, the lord in the sanctum sanctorum is seen as a reclining tirumala and his name is also given as thala sayanap perumal (grounded tirumal in Tamil). Thus, it is believed that the statue of Perumal, who had a school later, was placed here instead of the original one.
There are many curses and evils that affect human beings such as ancestor curse, sage curse, animal curse. Similarly, debt can be a source of frustration for many, and it can be debilitating for many. The temple that solves these two problems is located in Mamallapuram.

Near this sthalam, on travelling along the west direction of the light house, we can find Aadhivaraga Murthy temple – Thiru Ida Vendhai.

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